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Experience Event Tonight 7pm Town Shop Area

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To make up for the brief down time today, we will be having an experience event tonight at 7pm


server time, at the shop area.


Mages...please use safe mode


Players, please make sure of full party system


And just some basic reminders...


On the ettins...please mages- PARA them for warriors...dont use magic on them.

If you DO help para, then ill make igs for you!

also...if the player on the drop HELPED to down the monster, please leave them alone!

They helped and deserve the drop.


If you get a drop you dont need from hc or tw or wyv...share it with a newer player who also helped.


the above are NOT rules.....just suggestions


If they are followed, then...ya get MORE monsters B)


See ya tonight at 7pm server time, which is 8pm EST

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Now I must patiently decide which character of mine deserves the experience more... <_<

Lol, have fun people, and thanks mucho Hunter :)

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