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  1. Krede

    Server Unstable / Warning

    Yeah. O recalled for the sade and now i'm stuck. *censored*!
  2. Krede

    Fps Mass Fluctuation

    Yeah double monitors tend to mess with HB somehow. When I have my TV screen plugged in my computer I can barely play HB ^^
  3. I'm not gonna go too far into this discussion cus it would most probably end up in me getting banned, but why would anyone ever tell you anything that could proove them "not that great" when you jump right on to anything they feed you. Geez you're like a catholic only more naive.
  4. And I believe that it is also not being attacked now. The login servers has been a pain in the *censored* since day 1 24/7. You tellin me it's being attacked all the time?
  5. THe server has never been attacked. Every server says that shit and we all know it just a *censored*up in the files or with the server.
  6. Krede

    Server Delay

    Lol what a nub ;D Have you not read the posts? Ppl (including me) have EXPERIENCED servers that run ALOT more smooth for ALL the players that are on. In nemesis I log in for 10 mins and log out again cus I just died to a bump DC fighting 5+ elvo NUBSHITS that would never have killed me on a smooth server.
  7. Krede

    Halloween Costume Parade Poll

    Wuuhuhuuhuhhuuuuuu I win event! :D So pro! :D:D I need to talk to you ingame too :P But not about prize :P
  8. Krede

    Halloween Costume Parade Poll

    Medic is so sexxiii :D
  9. Krede

    Halloween Event

    All luv Epi <3
  10. Krede

    Valkyrie Account Sold!

    GL Valk. You'll be missed :(
  11. Krede

    More Admins

    Wasn't there a new GM called Myth[GM] a short while back? Only saw that guy being active for like a week. What happened?
  12. Krede


    You no nublet to me tbone :D
  13. Krede

    Minimap Suggestions

    Well, who cares... If stealing an idea is what it takes to make a great HB server even better, so be it ;S This is fact of life duh ;S
  14. Krede


    Neither one of ur suggestions is going to happen. Merging servers will be a mess. Nemesis Int joining Neme Arg will never happen. Non argentina players have TERRIBLE ping at Neme Arg, tho Arg players have decent ping just like every1 else at Neme int server. If you want more players join neme int cus we can't play neme arg.
  15. Krede

    Minimap Suggestions

    Plx no to the choose recall pad one. Would mess up my pro camping technique :( Even tho I never succeeded it :P