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  2. Sardientje

    Things To Test During Beta

    We will try lads
  3. Sardientje

    Video Settings

    not possible sorry
  4. Sardientje

    Town, General Chat Not Working

    Dude u serious?
  5. Sardientje

    Looking for guild

    Sorry m8 ur newb
  6. Sardientje

    Mim Poll

    i would say dont change it lads 😀
  7. Sardientje

    Buying Lighting Blade

    I do have it m8 but i cant reach you anymore what happend?
  8. Sardientje

    Trade MR42 Chain mail M

    ok i give u a medusa sword np
  9. Sardientje

    uHelbreath: The Reinassance (HB Remake)

    okay thanks m8
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