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  1. farjat


    Nice to see old people n the forum! I was coding on other languages and then My son made me see not changing resolution was a bad idea. So i started 800x600 for him coding on c++ which i understanded 1000 times faster than in the past. First Step is making client SMOOTH.
  2. Hello. Post here what u found on new resolution please.
  3. farjat

    Crusade/Heldenian Timing

    It OPENS at monday 00:01 am and closes on fridays. stays open for 4 days..
  4. farjat

    Make Mass Illusion Movement as rare drop

    This will not happen, no matter poll. Get Lucidity Angel
  5. farjat

    Whats going on here??

    omfg this topic is like a nightmare!
  6. farjat

    Whats going on here??

    ofc i remember u was a pain lol.
  7. farjat

    Whats going on here??

    Basicly the tools to control this are like accurate and automatic already.
  8. farjat

    Crusade/Heldenian Timing

    just say one time and on the server timezone. Which is new york. all the rest is confusing
  9. farjat

    Crusade/Heldenian Timing

    i guess i will basicly check what is the top players hour to set it.
  10. farjat

    Whats going on here??

    Lol it was here also!!! Sorry from now, just incase we got troubles between our sons in future!!!! :.)
  11. farjat

    Crusade/Heldenian Timing

    Heldenian = sunday i guess
  12. farjat

    Crusade/Heldenian Timing

    Hello. ElGuason post have like 10 years!! He cant appear anymore he is drived by his woman. On the Website theres a calendar. U can see there theres 3 crusades a week, different days and timezones. the first crusade is already scheduled for day 19. Apoca will start open this monday 00:01 First Heldenian, on 24. ------------------------------------------------------- OFC in some weeks we will adjust some of the times, based on what we see. Heldenian IS a problem. i Want 1, but theres option to have a second one like on wednesdays on different timezone. BUT i would love to make only 1 weekly on sundays !
  13. farjat

    Delete Fire Bow

    ok dont "firebow brokes pvp" anymore we already know it lol. Gimme something creative!! some example options: *fire bow no binding *make CHANCE of para being removed every x seconds *make rare drop but not VERY rare
  14. farjat

    Delete Fire Bow

    if they are writed somewhere outside game is already ok. we can see socials also dw I will probably just disable first, to win time for a fix.
  15. farjat

    Delete Fire Bow

    yea but forum still need some resu time lol