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  1. Hi, Oh man. I got scared, i thought i got hacked. I guess its for security reasons. Thanks.
  2. Gods

    Happy Bday White[gm] Aka Jorisnoob.

    Hey Joris, Happy belated. Hope you had a good birthday!
  3. Gods

    Vit Mage

    I'm talking actual stats wise.
  4. Gods

    Vit Mage

    Hi, I know everyone probably has different opinions on what kind of stats would make a successful VIT Mage so i would like everyone to share their ideas on what kind of stats they would have if making a VIT Mage. Thanks.
  5. Gods

    I Keep Getting "connection Lost"

    Never mind. I clicked on small trees in the option menu and its working all of a sudden. Thanks for the help!
  6. Gods

    I Keep Getting "connection Lost"

    Hi, It says that i need to download the latest client when i double click character to get into the game and before i got into the game i clicked the Nemesis auto updater. I'm pretty sure that the Nemesis auto updater should download the updated client for me, correct? Even though i do click on it and it goes through with no trouble, it says that i need to update.
  7. Hello, I keep getting "connection lost" when i double click on my character to go into the actual game. What could be causing this problem? Would i have to re-download the entire Helbeath? Today is Monday, October 8. Thanks.
  8. Gods

    Leveling Mage

    Hello, Where would be the best and easiest place to level a mage? Thanks.
  9. Gods

    Helbreath Nemesis Site

    Hello, I'm just wondering why the main Helbreath Nemesis site has turn into a different language? I'm just a little confused about how to get around the site now. Is there a way i can turn it back into English? Thanks.
  10. Gods

    Mac Os

    Hi, What's the program called to run Windows on a Mac?
  11. Gods

    Skill % Level

    Hello everyone, What kind of stats will you need for each skill to get 100% skill? For example, to get 100% Magic, you will need 50 MAG in your stats. I wanted to know the skill % level to get staff attack to 100%. What's the lowest stats will you need. For example, if creating VIT mage, How much STR and DEX will you need to get 100% staff attack The rest of how to get 100% will be for everyone's information in order to help beginners out. Thank you, Gods
  12. Gods

    Mac Os

    Hi guys, I'm pretty sure some of you know me by now. Anyway, I was wondering weather Helbreath Nemesis would be able to work on a Mac? If so, what would be the process of making it work? Thank you, Gods