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  1. Aealy

    Whats going on here??

    Haha u still have lack of humor
  2. So I wonder, who's still playing? Who's not ? What you guys are doing this days? When was the last time you played HB? Do u think the game gonna live in 10 years ? 1: I'm not playing anymore 2: I lived in Israel after being abroad for 2 years ( California ) and gonna leave again in few months towards an island named saint martin. 3. The last time I played was about 4 years ago. Helbreath legion. 4. I'm sure this game will live the last 1 of us dies, haha !
  3. Aealy

    Whats going on here??

    Farjat i miss the days of 24 hours mute from you
  4. Aealy


    Svanfir u are a *censored*tard and u gotta die
  5. Aealy

    Goodbye Nemesis

    U will be back :)
  6. Aealy

    Whos Packing The Best Angel?

    Valykrie has + 14 even more I think.. nd he lost angel + 10 onec to maynard jaja pr0 ek :D
  7. Aealy

    Minimap Suggestions

    All those ideas are helbreathlegion ideas.. stop stealing ideas nab gms. MAKE 1 of ur own... like /invite ( player name ) to party.. is much better thank ctrl +p :S
  8. Aealy

    Summon Spell Upgrade!

    make a ball system already !! if u have a green ball.. u can summon a demon.. then the GB gone.. something like that.. just an idea ^^
  9. Aealy

    Hunter, Are You Alright?

    Fast recovery hunter.
  10. Aealy

    Recall Suggestion Revived!

    AGree AGree Agree
  11. Aealy

    Im A

    Svanfir ur *censored*in awesome :) I did this thing once I gave back IE neck drop from an ek in hb nemesis.. we boxed wh and he went out I got ek and he was zemless.. really forgotten nickname but anyhow BOX is no skills :) so I gave back and same as U foefoe.. I closed my eyes :D COULDNT BELIVE im actually doin it :)
  12. Aealy

    Kill The Gm Event

    ARMIN icy here PVP me 1vs1 ? u on Juli Im oN Icy
  13. Aealy

    Kill The Gm Event

    icy liky :)
  14. Aealy

    Dieing Mode

    hey my suggestion is when u are 10% or 5% of ur hp u are in dieing mode.. and u are walking 50% less than normal :) because dieing ppls cant walk properly :P
  15. Aealy

    Ms 30 - Ms 35

    well ms 30 is pretty much useless atm because ms 28 is in dk 6 and who dont have dk 6 ? ... my suggestion is to make it higher ms than 30% maybe 35-40 % comments..,