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  1. Been listening both sides in game. Mim is everywhere and makes people less interest for pvp. Mim is more powerfull than BSW MFS, etc low int spells, which are really rare. or other solution, maybe more mana spend for spell. MIM should be more rare than those low int spells, actually could raise drop rate for BSW and MFS. Even it requires much mana. Even outnumbered party uses mim for 1 warrior, which sucks. I have done it too 😄
  2. MilkCow

    Delete Fire Bow

    Fire bow ruins up pvp system. You can even get off from para by yourself, there is no counter fire bow. And think of mages, they cant use this bow to release paralyze. On party fight, if there is one person with fire bow, it can keep whole party alive and pvp is pointless. This bow is not even worth to use for hunting, fire field/ck better Nemesis is only server which has still this useless bow.
  3. MilkCow

    Who’s coming back

    high ac and pa dk armors was reason i quited nemesis. Hope those are not that overpower anymore. Olympia i liked that high resolution.
  4. MilkCow


    Im coming back, if anyone who remembers me, are having clan or so. Im looking for english clan.
  5. MilkCow

    Who’s coming back

    Im giving a shot. Will be rusty but kinda missed this. Cant get Survivors running, so im looking for english clan. Catch me from Discord
  6. MilkCow

    Crusade Bugged...

    One mete for each side and now ares been holding bases like 1hour? and only that one mete. No shields up. its just stuck
  7. MilkCow

    This Safe Thing...

    I know. ;/
  8. MilkCow

    This Safe Thing...

    Its back. Ppl go to safe take amps or wait for reamp and talk trash at chat. How hard its set enterances random spawn point when change map? u need alot ppl to box if u will spawn at large area by random. So random spawn point would be fine... My interested about this server dropping coz there must be some safe thing on... invu was better but bad thing too. Took years to get cooldown for recall, thats nice thing there. Maybe in 3 years will ents be nonsafe. I like this server like all knows but still. Too many years seeing safe runs and stand at safe waiting backup and talking trash while waiting.
  9. MilkCow

    Screenshot/video Dump From 2006 On.

    saw Dimora and Hunter at pics <3
  10. MilkCow


    Survivors cant go. Need activity at euro timezone... And if there will be some guild moving to elvine. So they need to move one of elvine to aresden from europe timezone.
  11. MilkCow

    Helbreath Nemesis By Alemina

    xD where's finnish on that list? :D joo puhutaan vaan suomea :D viimeks sain rankkua suomeks puhumisesta ja haukkumisesta :D
  12. MilkCow

    Milkcow's Little Trades

    Added anc wpns
  13. MilkCow

    Your Desktop View While Playing Helbreath

    I have lotion and paper :D
  14. MilkCow

    Helbreath Nemesis By Alemina

    I hope so :) Coz ares not that good in dung. And u must say its way to fight? Get numbers off on those tight ones? ;) Not saying u guys free or smthing coz im guy who respects ppl, even enemy :D When we downed marcin at hallo map i had short of orgasm coz i like him :D but what ppl called bout free... Sucks. "like him" xD dont understand by pervert way :D it could be. Ps. Hate yours ping.
  15. MilkCow

    Spooky News...

    That music in map is fun :D u should but halloween theme ;) next halloween then.