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  1. Kefka


    Hello boys/girls I seen farjat this pop up on facebook and was like what, thought farjat was done. Glad i was mistaken, and look forward to coming back and playing with you all once again. [ReDeMpTioN] will rise again!!
  2. Kefka

    Any Blitz/dwf

    Don't worry bro I am omw back been busy. Still busy but gotta check it out.
  3. Kefka

    Game Update 18/08/2013

    that first one farjat also makes the item dissappear completely lost ie sword
  4. Kefka

    Game Update 18/08/2013

    can we add a list of commands into the help menu since we have so many now with a description of each
  5. Kefka

    [Fixed] 5.42.003 Bugs

    My characters are bugged says acct in use happened about 10 hours ago was in ch could see ppl talk but i couldnt talk and when i moved it kicked me off and hasnt let me back on since.
  6. Kefka

    Things To Test During Beta

    Visual bug also on enemy Death when they restart it stands them up for a second b4 they dissappear
  7. Kefka

    Things To Test During Beta

    Noticed another visual bug if someone logs with activation item on it still sparkles where they stood till u change maps.
  8. Kefka

    Experience Poll

    im all for lower xp farjat but can we half the angel requirements for +20 like i said 1600 majs lets make it 800 majs instead with lower xp
  9. Kefka

    Things To Test During Beta

    u need 30 eks 50 contribution and mer stone for hero comb cape
  10. Kefka

    Experience Poll

    if u lower xp i would like to see angels maj requirements lowered cuz 1600 majs is alot of work for lower xp
  11. Kefka

    Things To Test During Beta

    it has always been like that alka
  12. Kefka

    Things To Test During Beta

    -The guild system works as it should for settin tps, build points etc havn't been able to test planting flag since I have not seen castle held go on yet. the special chat color for certain ranks does not work. -Party system is working as intended sometimes it takes a lil time to refresh where other party members are though. maybe we could up party size to 10 also, just a thought. -Motiion system for sp drain for walking/running are correct -Chat system is taking correct sp drain -3 pretty sure it is supposed to be -5 though for each enter of text confuse language works as intended j u s t n e e d t o t a l k l i k e t h i s - All services work as intended repair hammer and the sort dont actually know if premium tickets are working cuz i dont know what they do - Spawns show up on mini map in every map for me as intended - I was testing Item cool down last nite someone had just used mer shield and I asked to see it it said nothing of a cooldown to wait on the shield itself I also had my own in bag so maybe double positive there test more later. - Quests rewards are giving you the reward below the one u choose ATM it was working fine b4 new client yesterday. work on more stuff today
  13. Kefka

    Things To Test During Beta

    after this post i tested giving contribution to guild that works well. Except the there is a bug if I donate - of any number it gives me that contribution so now my char has like 50k contribution. ie -116 cont gives me 116 cont -5k cont gives me 5k contribution.
  14. Kefka

    Things To Test During Beta

    tested follow and assist just now with summons and ogre pots. It works well but I did notice that if u do assist it switches to whoever u att if its the same name ie guards, ww's ogres and such npcs, but vs players u have to say assist everytime u switch a diff person to att. next sade that im on ill test the stuff with crusade summons.