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  1. Skoran

    Farjat, What About Town Balance?

    I hope ppl will move from Ares to Elvine. Just look at the last 20 crusades ... Every time I play one their are only a handfull of elv's on. The moment we build a base or attack their are 20 ares after my *censored* ... Its just no fun anymore.
  2. Skoran

    Red White And Blue Event

    I got a dm3 and an xstone :D. And yes lol, those rows of exploding skeletons were really funny haha. I thought their was going to be one crit poisonous monster with a nice drop, suddenly lots of them spawned hehe.
  3. Skoran

    Red White And Blue Event

    That zem I got looks like an x-stone :D.
  4. Skoran

    Red White And Blue Event

    13 stripes: 13 original colonies 50 stars: 50 states Whats so hard about that :P
  5. Skoran

    Red White And Blue Event

    But you know, he MIGHT have meant Monday night, not's not hard to write the wrong day. :P So its actually tomorrow night? Wouldn't surprise me, I already thought it was confusing hehe :P
  6. Skoran

    Crusade Times

    I would love to see one random crusade/week. Tuesday crusade is at 1.30 pm for me (work or school) Friday is at 5.30 am (= sleeping :D) Saterday is at 10.30 pm (I don't know about you guys but I have a social life and at saterday evening I am never at home :P) So what if we have one random crusade that changes time and date every week.
  7. Skoran

    Red White And Blue Event

    Just took a trip in town and didnt spot any monster :P. But hunter also hasn't been online, so I guess we just have to wait.
  8. Skoran

    Red White And Blue Event

    I havent seen any monsters yet ...
  9. Skoran

    Red White And Blue Event

    So that means the monster will spawn in a couple of hours?
  10. Skoran

    Argentina Server Opening.

    I am going to try this server, my ping is about 250 How can I ping hb int so compare the 2? And farjat is their a way to get everything in English while playing this server? Or is it all serverbased?
  11. Skoran

    Server Moved To New Host.

    Disable your firewall!
  12. Skoran

    Monday Morning Summon Event

    I think they forgot :P
  13. Skoran

    Monday Morning Summon Event

    Elvine and aresden at the same time?
  14. Skoran

    Weekly Ek

    I know their is a weekly top ek list but I am not always in it :P. It would be nice to see how many eks you got in a week even when you are not in the top 50. And a "Ek's last week" would also be nice if you forget to check it.
  15. Skoran

    The Amazing Race Event

    I totally forgot this, who won :P?