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  1. Hunter[GM]

    Hunter, Are You Alright?

    yea had some set backs but im out of the hosp now and will slowly be getting back into the swing of things thanks for asking, man
  2. Hunter[GM]

    Kill The Gm Event

    right now we are discussing august 22nd OR possible doing it once this weekend and once again on the 22nd but then the items get split between 2 different dates and i dont know if enough gms can make it to both to run it...stay tuned
  3. Hunter[GM]

    Kill The Gm Event

  4. Hunter[GM]

    Drop Jumping?

    no sorry i dont like it.... im a HB purist and i dont like was designed this way for a reason. think of ALL of the consequences of this idea, first wyvern hunts guild hunts abby hunts
  5. Hunter[GM]

    Kill The Gm Event

    so anc pickaxe mines more than regular pick axe? or is it just purple and cool? just purple and sexi afk iten
  6. Hunter[GM]

    Summon Event Now

    go go go go city hall no raid during event, please no attacken en el evento, boludos
  7. Hunter[GM]

    Kill The Gm Event

    Thanks for linking this dude....great pics
  8. Hunter[GM]

    Kill The Gm Event

    yea you are able...set your alarm and get up...its not like you CANT participate. The Koreans do...they either stay up or set their alarms. We need to host this event in particular, when we can get the MOST Gms on to participate. And that happens to be sundays after Held SAMPLE of items that will be used this year MA 18 hose MR 49 plate MP 49 berk MP 84 shield HP 49 chain MP 35 leather HP 35 hose SP 21 BOOTS Sharp rep 5 BH Ancient hp 35 GiS PZN 75 hp 35 Flammo MS 20 exp 20% wand MS20 hp 84% wand Stone Golem necklace Necklace of Liche Ice Sword Ice Storm Manual Sex Change pots Ogre summons, Demon summons, Uni summons pots HP 14 cape MP 14 cape and other stuff.... Meriens, Xelimas Ancient Pick Axe
  9. Hunter[GM]

    Kill The Gm Event

    It will be after the Heldenian...just dont know which sunday yet.
  10. Hunter[GM]

    About Duriancity Server !

    server did not restart automatically on sunday night...I was afraid this was going to happen. I can open by hand but then it causes other issues so...sorry for the disappointment this week, guys
  11. Hunter[GM]

    Kill The Gm Event

    yes we have a tentative date and time but i am waiting for a few GMs to reply to the post confirming the time and date for them.
  12. Hunter[GM]

    Item Event Week Aug 1

    Congrats to Hurling2 for winning the Creature Event!! Thanks to everyone who came out, hope you had some fun.
  13. Hunter[GM]

    Exp Event For Level -179

    The event was held yesterday when the server came back online Like I said it would be in the post above this one
  14. Hunter[GM]

    Item Event Week Aug 1

  15. Hunter[GM]

    Happy Birthday Hunter

    Thanks guys...appreciate all the messages