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  1. Maconhado

    0 Raid Time In Cities

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, dejen 1 minuto!! asi se puede preguntar por pvps! .____.
  2. Maconhado

    Game Update 19/08/2013

    Who is Aaeron and elena? O.o
  3. Maconhado

    Experience Poll

    exp its ok for me. butt, i think drop rate should b the same as hb usa! x1 !!! lower exp wont b bad :P
  4. Maconhado

    [Fixed] Pretend Corpse/ Upgrade Dk Hat Bugs

    wat about the regen while using pc? on neme 1 and 2, there was no way to get regen...
  5. Maconhado

    [Fixed] Pretend Corpse/ Upgrade Dk Hat Bugs

    woow, pr0 bug! btw, talking about pretend corpse... when some1 uses, they get regen while they are down... is that right? i mean, while you are using, it should not regen ur mana/hp or watever, right?
  6. Maconhado

    Little Raid With Guild To Elvine

    Rule number 11. hahahaha Paks: Do not modify the PAK’s of Helbreath Nemesis in any way. Only use the provided modifications offered by the Auto Updater.
  7. Maconhado

    Armor Break Bug

  8. Maconhado

    Little Raid With Guild To Elvine

    wtf? hahahaha
  9. Maconhado

    Focus On Drecrease Delay

    javiii, can u write in spanish? i dun get ur point! puedes escribir en espanol? no entiendooo !! grax!
  10. Maconhado

    Some Minor Interface Changes

    food counter looks fruit as hell! come, hb already tells you when u are hungry... come...
  11. Maconhado

    Game Update 04/08/2013

    i like name change for 100, so buyers ll have to pay to make their "own" fh, once they cant do by emselves! hahaha
  12. Maconhado

    Add Pgp And Spgp To Alchemy Lists

    great idea!
  13. Maconhado

    Game Update 01/08/2013

    roger that, sir.
  14. Maconhado

    Just Saying Hello

    well, i ll b ares this time! :P after i get my *censored* banned, i made many friends there, i learned how to love the city and the full hero colors! SO, ARES ON THE WAYYYYYY !!!