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  1. WhiteFang

    Game Update 26/12/2015

    A second client patch was released today. Patch Notes: * Fixed: Floor Item Details caused memory leaks.
  2. WhiteFang

    Game Update 26/12/2015

    In our development process to increase performance of the game we stumbled upon a minor issue related to the mouse cursor. This update will resolve this problem and increase performance for the majority of players. We're still continuing our efforts to resolve the performance issues with large amounts of players and effects on the screen. Patch Notes: * Fixed: Some memory leaks related to Input Buffer and Dialogboxes. * Fixed: Large FPS Drop when drawing Cursor.
  3. WhiteFang

    Banana Gone?

    Banana was closed (and so is Golden Era). It is now replaced/reborn as Nemesis Guilds which is inbetween banana and golden era in terms of exp and drop rates. You can use the same account from banana and create character on the new server.
  4. WhiteFang

    Game Update 17/12/2015

    Minor patch today with the addition of the Christmas Events. Completing the quest (once per character) grants you a Dye (Red, White Full-Trim) which can be used to dye your own cape (or other clothing) to make it look like Santa's Cape. Additional patch notes: * Added: X-mas 2015 event (bulb drops etc) - 15 December to 15 January * Changed: Unused Effect Sprite Release time decreased from 60 seconds to 5 seconds * Changed: Statted drops now disapear from the floor after 6 hours * Fixed: Fire-Bows Fire Field can be used inside WH/Shop/BS/CH.
  5. WhiteFang

    Game Update 09/12/2015

    No, this was only regarding trousers, shirts and other clothing. DK Robe is not considered clothing (it's in the armor category).
  6. WhiteFang

    Game Update 09/12/2015

    Today we've made some additions and bug fixes to the game. Most importantly we've made a major change to Capes. Capes can now be reduced in Endurance by both physical and magical hits (and thus can also be stripped). For this reason we have compensated and increased capes endurance from 300 to 1000. With this change we have also enabled PA capes. It is however important to note that capes will only lose endurance from physical hits when directly hit in the back or the tile left/right (from "directly in the back"). Thus at any time there are 3 hit-spots from which a cape will absorb damage and can take endurance loss. (For magical spells it always applies, AB/ESW will break capes regardless of casting direction as this is an area-of-effect anyway) Another major change we've made is regarding the usage of Slates. Whenever a map forbids the usage of slates your slate effect will be disabled (below your feet) BUT will keep counting down in time (can be seen when using buff icons). In effect this will prevent the usage of slates activated outside of pvp tournaments and the effect being taken inside. As an extension to this, we have also disabled/forbidden usage of HP slates during crusades and heldenians. This means that, during sade or held, your slate effect will be disabled in Middleland and Heldenian Castle (but will remaing/become active in any other map outside of the mentioned ones or when sade/held is not active). Although it's disabled and you WILL take damage, your counter still continues to count down. Patch Notes: * Added: CTRL+P now also works in F9 Chat History Dialog. * Added: Capes PA stat is now active and added when hit directly from the back or the tile left/right of it. * Added: Capes can now be stripped when hit directly from the back or the tile left/right of it. * Added: Capes now lose endurance when hit directly from the back or the tile left/right of it. * Changed: HP/MP/Zerk Slate effects no longer apply when their map restriction is disabled. (Timer still counts down, effect is restored when entering a map where it is allowed) * Changed: Tamed monsters will now regen back to full health when breaking free from their tamer. * Changed: Clothing can now be properly statted and upgraded (using Stone of Merien) * Fixed: Dark Mage Leggings W/M were missing from Armor Gender Change List. * Fixed: One-Team Tournament Fights Winner declaration failed. * Fixed: Display bug (title) with preliminary round fight list. * Fixed: Observers could see auras during pvp tournaments. * Fixed: Tamed Ice-Golems can now properly damage one another or any other monsters.
  7. Today we've launched the official Nemesis Guilds Beta server. The purpose is to find and resolve any remaining bugs before the official opening ! Old characters have been added to the game for you to use for play-testing in this beta server. Please report any bugs to GMs/admins, through the ticket system or here in the forums so we can resolve any issues before launch. Recent changes since latest Game Update are as following: Fixed/Changed/Balancing: - Adjusted exp rates too mid-rate server settings - Adjusted barracks to max level 140/160 (to be decided) - Balanced Beholder Drop Rate -- Too many powerful manuals entered in Banana too early - Adjusted Utility Skills Formula to be between the old Golden Era and Banana training speed. -- Taming, Enchanting and Salvaging were too easy in Banana and created unbalance, making them more difficult should balance them out accordingly and still keep them worthwhile to train. - Corpse Potions are now applied upon death of the monster (if the killer has the active buff). - Items upgraded with Merien stone that fail upgrading and are saved by Stone of Kloness didn't have their maximum endurance reset. - Hero Cape +1 could not be upgraded (was still in the force-no-upgrade list) - Duplicate DK items will now always deplete the lowest upgraded item. - Adjusted crafting difficulty to match better to the drop rate of items -- Done to prevent devaluation of DM, MS, RM, DF necklaces compared to Liche, Stone Golem, Merien and others. New Features/Items/Functionality: - Preliminary Round for PvP Tournaments - Repeatability of PvP tournaments (so we can schedule daily/weekly/monthly tournaments !) - GUILD ITEMS - Items bound to guilds that cannot leave guilds. - Guild Item Quests - Expansion of the Quest System to allow creation (by admins) of guild quests that can reward guild items and could require the payment of GCP (guild contri) - Item Chests - Armor, Weapon (100% guaranteed randomly statted item) and Rare (based on monster item-drop rate, so not 100% chance!) item boxes that have a chance to reward items -- These boxes can be given out by GMs, Quests, Tournaments, Events as rewards or sold in the cash shop (for those who like to gamble for their Medusa) - New Item (with new graphics!): Kloness Hammer (Drops from Unicorn, 55% Armor Strip Rate) - New Guard NPCs (Sword, Bow, Axe) -- needs to be summoned by a GM, they might be added/replacing some of the existing guards at the tele pads. Upcoming changes on next beta patch: - Removal of Safe Zones in Middleland, Dungeons, ToH and Icebound - Replaced Teleportation to danger-zones (from which we remove safe zones) from a single-spawn-spot to a random-spawn-area (prevents boxing/camping spawn locations)
  8. What Does A Banana Player Look Like? The average Banana Player
  9. WhiteFang

    Wipe Banana And Better Settings

    What would you improve/change on the settings? We're aware drop rate of HF/cancel etc (from beholders) was too high, we have already adjusted that drop rate but the damage done was already done (and couldn't be reversed).
  10. WhiteFang

    No Title

    HBO is good, can watch GoT over there! Season 5 now! w000000t
  11. WhiteFang

    Elvine Town Map Down

  12. WhiteFang

    Server Down...

    it's fixed already.
  13. WhiteFang

    Game Update 12/12/2014

    Seem you fixed the manu berks.... whooptie doo. It's true that the majority of that list isn't implemented or fixed yet. Part of it is still under discussion and other parts take much more time to develop. Also if you noticed, there was a period of Holidays like Christmas and New Year, most people celebrate these days and so do I... that's why development has been stalled for the past month. You're talking about it being broken "months" later... we're exactly... well, less than 1 month later since you reported the issues... that one month, not monthS :)
  14. WhiteFang

    Game Update 12/12/2014

    It's true, neither me or Farjat have great experience in PvP. that is exactly why we have staff like KenZo and The Dragon who have great experience in PvP'ing and extensive & recent in-game experience from playing and being part of the community. Their advice, as well as the advice of all other staff members, is taken into account and their voices have a great weight in the decision making of what'll be added, removed or changed in the game. Pullers are indeed a problem, we have insufficient staff to monitor every corner of the game 24/7 for possible pullers. That's exactly why we have 2 very important features in place, one being the anti-puller system in-game which will keep anyone who pullers an additional 20 seconds in-game after actually pulling the plug. Perhaps this 20 seconds isn't sufficient or perhaps too much, that's exactly why we like to hear your voice and your opinion and idea about it, but if you're not telling us that 20 secs is not enough, is too much we wouldn't know. The second feature is the ticket system, catch them on-tape or have a GM monitor it and simply report it in our ticket system, it is by far the BEST way to reach the ENTIRE staff of both banana AND the golden era! Use it and we ensure you get a response from us. We've seen many people complain about the issue, but zero reports in our ticket inbox... Reporting is important, the more people that report the same bug abuser or cheater, the better we can judge the logs and facts recorded on video. If we were hungry for cash, we would sell permanent devastators in our cash shop for 10k USD and people would buy them... Luckely we're not doing that, and here is just a single fact about a "buyer"... I'll let that image speak for itself... We do NOT tollerate rule breaking and ban people REGARDLESS of how much money they've spent in our cash shop. Buying does not make you immune to the rules.
  15. WhiteFang

    Auction House In Banana

    The consideration was made prior to opening the Banana server. As admins we have concluded that the risk of hosting an auction house for Banana is too high due to the increased likely hood of untrustworthy buyers of our services. In Golden Era the auction house mostly serves the purpose of the "middle man" where we provide a secure and trustworthy system to make item sales, the risk is ours and for Golden Era the risk is far less than for Banana due to the more trustworthy community of Golden Era.