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  1. JingGM

    Whats going on here??

    I didn't remember that! I have a daughter now too, also 2 years old. Man, we are getting old! Today is Father's Day in the USA, so Happy Father's Day, Calu!
  2. JingGM

    Delete Fire Bow

    Read the Facebook post comments for some ideas we've had. . .
  3. JingGM

    Whats going on here??

    Good amount of people in-game. Seems like people are now using Facebook/Discord to chat, rather than forum. ?
  4. JingGM

    A Few Suggestions.

    I personally think both of these would be helpful, especially the 2nd one. Very confusing sometimes to know which quest is which type if you don't have the numbers memorized!
  5. JingGM

    Jing's Trade List

    Added Light 16% MR21 Helm M (44 Str!), MP28 Wings M, and MS20 HP63.
  6. JingGM

    Jing's Trade List

    Updated a bit.
  7. JingGM

    Jing's Trade List

    Hey all, here's items I'm currently trading: MP Armors: Strong(14%) Hauberk(W) MP+7% Strong(21%) Hauberk(M) MP+14% CritInc(+1%) Wings Helm(M) MP+28% MR Armors: Strong(14%) Hauberk(W) MR+21% Light(16%) Hauberk(W) MR+21% Strong(21%) Leather(M) MR+21% Light(16%) Helm(M) MR+21% -----------> 44 Str! Weapons: Blood Rapier Critical+5 Giant Sword REP+7 +1 Righteous Hammer HP+21% Righteous Battle Hammer Shields: Wood Shield DR+49% (x4) Targe Shield DR+49% Wood Shield MR+49% (x4) Targe Shield MR+42% Targe Shield MR+49% Wood Shield MR+84% Wood Shield HP+42% (x2) Wood Shield HP+49% (x3) Targe Shield HP+42% Wood Shield MP+49% Targe Shield MP+49% (x2) Wood Shield PA+18% Wood Shield PA+27% Targe Shield MA+18% Wands: Special(CP+3%) Magic Wand(MS20) HP+63% ------------------------------- Looking for War MR/HP M (No Leather or Chain, please!), and MP M (Chain/Leather are good, but No plate/horn/wings unless light!). Also looking for FoT, BSW, MFS manuals and Ancient Hammer (156 Str) with Hit Prob 56 or higher. Post here, PM, or whisper me in-game on Muta, wutafreek, or Jing.
  8. JingGM

    Funny Banana Beta Statistics

    Hahaha wow...and it's just been Beta!
  9. JingGM

    Different Nation Bug

    Tried restarting your client? I think they tried to fix something with that last night.
  10. Can you post an SS of the error? Also, did you try deleting it and re-installing completely?
  11. JingGM

    Jing's Trade List

    UPDATE: Traded MP42 Berk W. Added MR35 Berk M (Looking for MR35 or higher Hose M).
  12. Happy Birthday mate! :)
  13. JingGM

    Jing's Trade List

    Added MP42 Berk W! Looking for equal MP M or offer.
  14. JingGM

    Jing's Trade List

    Added MP28 Berk M, DR21 Chain M.
  15. JingGM

    Game Update 27/09/2014

    Love this update! Ctrl+N (Neutral attack mode) did not work for me on the Goblins, though. I think someone got a statted cape from them already, but can't remember what.