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  1. martingroso

    Some Shots

    I can see them just fine.
  2. martingroso

    Trade M And X Stone

    Interested in hp21 sharp flam? sharp flam ns?
  3. martingroso

    Server Down?

    I get connection lost every time I try to log in at 30 seconds.
  4. martingroso

    Server Down?

    I can't connect to server. At about 30 seconds waiting for log in I get connection lost. Is it just me or is the server down?
  5. martingroso

    Windows Errors

    Oh dude why did you to go elvine :/
  6. martingroso

    Windows Errors

    Yeah it's pretty annoying, can't minimize without having to close and reopen the client.
  7. martingroso

    Official Time Schedule

    What was your char name in neme 2? I know we used to hunt together.
  8. martingroso

    Windows Errors

    I have a problem. Whenever I try to minimize the client, the client freezes, so I need to close the client and open it again to be able to keep playing. Btw I have windows 8.
  9. martingroso

    Char Bugged. (Fixed)

    I left my char in Aresden CH. I wanna log and i get CL each time i try. any1 having the same issue?
  10. martingroso

    Heldenian Suggestions

  11. martingroso

    Best Trade U Ever Do.

    you lucky son of a b1tch. :)
  12. martingroso

    Better Prize For Sades

    it would be better to give GCP to the players that win sades, not the ones that get more EKs, the idea is to encourage players to win sades (by constructing a solid base, destroying the shields, etc).
  13. martingroso

    Better Prize For Sades

    maybe it is a good prize, but not enough to make players care about sades, because as you can see, players give much much more importance to heldenians than to crusades :P
  14. martingroso

    Better Prize For Sades

    i like the idea, if the prizes were better, the players would actually CARE about sades, and will try to do everything they can to win.
  15. martingroso

    To Everyone From Asia Country