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  1. killergirl

    Happy Birthday Zorak[gm]!

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Have fun!!!! Un abrazo y un besote enorme!!!!!!!
  2. killergirl

    To Marian/fede

    Awwwwwwww!! well but its alright, we all have to do this sometimes... And I wanna see Dr.Derkse soon! haha :) Biiig hug :)
  3. killergirl

    Happy Birthday White[GM]!

    Happy Bday!!!! :D
  4. killergirl

    Im A

    Ahhhhh Fede te quiero y te extra?o mucho!! ^_^
  5. I was wondering why I couldnt get online! Tought it was me lol
  6. killergirl

    Happy Birthday Hunter

    Happy B-day!!!!! Hope youre having an awesome time and that ure health its doing great!! We miss you!! ^_^
  7. killergirl

    Top Ek Server?

    go swole!
  8. killergirl

    Design A Flag Contest

    Hunter, I couldnt find you online these days! Jing gave me the prize, just wanted u to know :) Hope everything is ok! Thx again! ^_^
  9. killergirl

    Design A Flag Contest

    Omg cant believe i won something... lol! Thx!! Was fun :D
  10. killergirl

    Happy Birthday!

    Feliz cumple queridoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ojala hoy estes pasando excelente, seguro que con la victoria de Argentina terrible festejo te mandaste jajajaja. Gracias x estar cuando te precizamos, creo q hablo x todos los del guild al decir q sos muy querido. Y por muchos m?s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Te quiero muchisimooooooo!!!!!!!!! ^_^
  11. killergirl

    Explain Your Character's Name

    wtfgirl - First thing that came to my mind... HotLips - Its what I like best about me :P Deepsea - Just a girly name lol And other stuff...
  12. killergirl

    To Hunter[gm] And The Rest Of You Fathers

    Here at my place isnt fathers day... Anyways... happy fathers day to all!!! Hunter, congrats on Maggie's achievement, u sure are a proud dad ^_^
  13. killergirl

    Party Mechanics?

    Party goes bug sometimes when a party member dies and comes back, when u see ure not getting any exp u should log out and re-party again. I know theres some other way to get party bugged but I dont really know which are these...
  14. killergirl

    Me Presento

    Hola bienvenido! Con Josar viene HotLips tambi?n, y mucha otra gente buena onda jajajaja Q te diviertas!!
  15. killergirl

    Design A Flag Contest

    This is mine... Im from Uruguay. :blush: Good luck to everyone!! Hurling thx so much for the help ^_^