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Event: Nemesis Game Tips

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Hi there nemesis players,


I'm looking for your help, especially from the older players of nemesis (older as in longer-playing).

But also new players can actually help around too !


I'm looking for some Game Tips.

Provide me one or more game tips from your or global experience in helbreath nemesis.


Lvl 1~179 Game Tip: To level up faster, visit the Barracks in Farm.


I like to get tips ranging for level 1's to lvl 180's, for those who're old in nemesis, and those who're new in nemesis.

If you got a perfect game tip to add to our nemesis game tips, reply this topic with your tip !

Don't forget to add which level range your tip is for (and the actual tip ofcrouse !)


P.S. Add your in-game name so I know who tipped me ;) The good tips will be rewarded with zems, merien or xelima stones, the best tips will get GCP Scrolls in addition ! :)


Best Regards,

White[GM] - Nemesis Developer




Google Translator: SPANISH


Hola jugadores némesis,


Estoy en busca de su ayuda, especialmente de los jugadores mayores de némesis (mayores como en tiempo de juego).

Sino también los nuevos jugadores pueden realmente ayudar a alrededor también!


Estoy buscando algunos consejos del juego.

Me proporcione uno o más consejos de juego o de su experiencia global en Helbreath Nemesis.

por ejemplo

Lvl 1 ~ 179 Juego Sugerencia: Para subir de nivel más rápido, puede visitar los cuarteles en la granja.


Me gusta para obtener consejos que van del nivel 1 al lvl 180, para aquellos que son viejos en el enemigo, y los que son nuevosen el enemigo.

Si usted tiene una punta de juego perfecto para añadir a nuestros consejos enemigo del juego, la respuesta de este tema con la punta!

No te olvides de añadir que van nivel de la punta es para (y el ofcrouse punta real!)


PD Añade tu nombre en el juego, así que sé que me inclinó Los consejos buenos serán recompensados ​​con ZEM, merien o piedras xelima, los mejores consejos que se desplaza GCP, además!


Saludos cordiales,

White[GM] - Nemesis Desarrollador

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well, from my experience some of the best tips is,

tip lvl 180: to time ur pfm and amp can , so u know when u need to amp again and dont get pfad by other town menbers

tip lvl 180 :dont party at other town if u raiding because u cant get out of paralizes,

tip lvl 180: if u dun have items a ma low shield+ emmy ring will help u alot against mages

tip lvl180: to paralize other town enemy or to pfa or to frozen etc.. try to time hes pfm or amp ( each spell is 60 seconds duration)

tip180: if u have some hp items or mp and ur on 1vs1, u can time ur hp recovers and mp i think if not mistake 15 seconds hp and 23 seconds mp, so u put hp or mp only to recover at same time to dont take dmg wile runing with set ( alot lower defence then dk)


This is some Tips i remenber atleast from when i pvp :D. My name on game is ElPapi, Alright or AndreaPoop. I hope this helps some people :D

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Tip lvl 1-180: Raise your Poison resistance skill, it is very useful at pvp or while you raiding in group.

Tip lvl 1-180: If your a war, carry some good armor with high PD. (45+) ppl who dont have poison resistance will suffer!

Tip lvl 1-180: Dont be silly on trades, if u have a good item for trade, just wait to get lot of offers.Do not trade to the first guy that offered you, maybe someone can offer better!

Tip lvl 1-180: Always be sure to carry a zem if u have some items that u can drop! (Good items, not pots, gold, or bs weapons)

Tip lvl 1-180: If u dont still have 100% magic resistance, train in garden or cyclop pit in d2

Tip lvl 1-180: if u gonna 1vs1 someone try to set the rules (like no pfm, no bow, no recall, etc) before the pvp, so u cant get any surprise during the action!

Tip lvl 1-180: If u see a trully "Free ek" (Guy who its very easy to kill, for example : DFC_DARdo) dont abuse!. Kill him 3 consecutive time max! Cuz maybe u can get banned for lamming (kill the same person so many times), try to look for someone else, and if u dont find anyone, just train, but dont fall in temptation!


My name in game is ZAMBAYONNY . I hope it helps

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/showtime to start a 60 seconds timer. to time your pfms,zerks,regens

/showframe to show frames per second

Control + D = Detail Level as you tab through 3 different levels

Control + S = togglel in-game Music and sound on/off

Control + M = Toggle Minimap

Control + G = Toggle Guild window

Control + Q = Toggle Quest Window

Control + A = Toggle Auto Enemy attack option



Trashy or dirtNASTY

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lvl1-180- if you dont have the power to fight, you dont have too.

lvl1-180- A full hero generially has good items and sets, when fighting becareful they get +5 damage and warriors also get +50 hitt. prob.

lvl1-180- if you are getting owned, running and recalling is sometimes your best option.

lvl1-180- know what pits get raided by opposite towns and take care when hunting these pits.

lvl1-180- it is always good to know what pits are raided less.

lvl1-180- a exchange duel is when both members put an item in the exchange window so as to stop players using hp pots/manapots pvps.

lvl1-180- always keep an eye out for invisable footsteps and clairvoitant mob, these will sometimes avert your death at the hands of raiding players.

lvl1-180- understand the power of your setup, if you are an amp war with low dex then attacking bbh and bh wars will often land you in trouble.

lvl1-180- choose carefully what you hold in your bag, having items in there you dont use or rarely use takes up valuable hp/mp pot space.

lvl1-180- when you have them always carry two zems in your bag. the last thing you want is to die, loose zem then die again on way back to wh thus loosing items.

lvl1-180- arange your bag so is as easy as possible to change items you wear to cater to all/as many as possible situations.

lvl1-180- dont trash talk if you get killed or kill, only makes you seem like a dick...

lvl1-180- quest to get contribution points. to upgrade your guild or to trade for stones etc.

lvl1-180- choose carefully the skills your char has. choosing 1 over another can be dangerous.

lvl1-180- dont dump all your crits at once in a duel, a good idea is to save for when other person is paralised or even to stop casting of magic.

lvl1-180- keep an eye on your amours and sheilds as bh and bbh and axe wars can strip these away produsing more damage on you.

lvl1-180- it is a good idea to always support other town members when in group fights as in ivis when paralised, amp etc.

lvl1-180- work as a team with your town members and if you see someone doing something incorrectly tell them, without abusing, what to do.

lvl1-180- when raiding pits pfm/amp/zerk etc then invis and walk to player and attack when you get the best chance to sneak up and attack from a side/distance which will cause max. damage.

lvl1-180- when hunting pits it is a good idea to lure monsters out of pits and get them stuck to get a more managable ammount in a pit. E.G 6 cyclops in a pit lure 2-3 away so when you hunt only 3-4 are in the pit at once. works well for people with low dex or weak charaters.

lvl1-180- learn how to attack certain types of monsters, attacking hellclaw and tigerworms etc is different then normal monsters like cyclops and ettins. standing in an X formation will defeat a tw/hc faster and more efficiently then just boxing it. just the same as standing at the front and back of a lower monster will defeat it faster/better with less injury.




thats all i can think of.




edit/added: lvl1-180- Pressing ctrl+d will reduce the detail of the game (3 possible options), making easier for your client/computer/internet to handle the information with less bumps/dc/lag.

lvl1-180- Remember the names and items of your towns enemeys, knowing what items different charaters own helps in deciding who to fight and who not to fight.

lvl1-180- organise your hotkeys to suit your char. type and set-up, a common set-up is, f2 = sword f3 = wand or f2= spell f3 = sheild, determine what is better for your for easier fighting and hunting. ctrl+f2 or f3 will set your hotkeys. f4 repeats last used spell

lvl1-180- try to join a guild that dose the things you want to do, if you hunt more then pvp, try joining a hunting guild and vise versa.

lvl1-180- DONT ABUSE A GM, OR YOU WILL BE BANNED. same with using racist terms etc.

lvl1-180- Use some common sense. 9 times out of 10 the information you need can be found on either the nemesis website or forum. but dont be affraid to ask if you cant find an answer.

lvl1-180- If you have a pvp char and a pvm char, it is wise to keep your chars set-up for a hunt/fight befroe you log off. that way if you get attacked while hunting it is a quick change of accounts to go raiding/hunting. saves alot of time when you are rushing to attack someone you know is at risk.

lvl1-180- when raiding, organise with your fellow raiders on who will do what and how you are going to attack. Organisation is the key to a great fight, when people know what they are doing, winning come naturally.



hey heres some more, any news when event will be over? or is it over already and am just wasting time?





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