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  1. Vintage

    Thinking About Coming Back To Nemesis

    just imagine all the crazy items you might get!?!? DOOO ITT
  2. Vintage

    Brainstorming-Item Cooldown

    oh! gotcha, i think thats a great idea!
  3. Vintage

    Tired Of Those Spies ...

    ever heard nothing is perfect? solving the majority of a problem is better than not solving anything at all. nd you even agreed that it will restrict a fairly big group of players. You also mentioned and one of the rules of helbreath nemesis is that spying is prohibited. player needs to just report more often. and you again then also agreed that there won't be a system that prevent spies indefinitely, why not use what the best option we have and put SOME limitations? but again, i don't even play this game haha I'm just here to chat and trying to improve the nerdy helbreath community.
  4. Vintage

    Helbreath On Macs

    ok guess ill just have to buy a pc just to play helbreath again then
  5. Vintage

    Helbreath On Macs

    will helbreath ever be playable on MacBooks? :unsure: please make it so we are able to play on MacBooks <3
  6. Vintage

    Tired Of Those Spies ...

    with IP restriction a player only gets 1 factions play, therefore that player wouldn't be switching cities. That automatically rules out spying from that city. Then how would they be spying if they are currently playing 1 faction with their friends? IP restriction to 1 city solves the problem indefinitely.
  7. Vintage

    Hb Neme Meme

    talking shit has been a part of this game since day 1. Talking shit is a part of every game! Competitiveness is human nature, do not let some troll on the internet get to you. Some might be too young to realize that, and some are just plain dumb. if someone bugs the shit out of you? own the in game. they have better items and talks a lot of shit? get better items. everyone loves the sweetness of revenge!
  8. Vintage

    Brainstorming-Item Cooldown

    After reading the topic and the reading the first comment you posted White, I'm a bit confused to what you're trying to imply here. Are you guys trying to add a cool down to activation items drop rate? or are you trying to make items with activation cool downs like x weapons and medusa? I think it would be great if we had more items with cool downs or just simply adding addition bonus to items. I have no idea how coding words, but I'm sure its insanely complicated trying to creating new things. Although, Helbreath is so unique and fun because of the simplicity game mechanics, so I don't know if adding too much would be a great idea. Thats just what i'm wondering...: /
  9. Vintage

    Goodbye Nemesis

    wait so Julieth only got a week ban for lame ek? was his or hers eks, items, skills all deleted? did he use whatever i can't think of that system we use for acc recovery? if not, the others that are banned should be unbanned just to try to resurrect the helbreath nemesis population a bit. delete the eks they lammed, delete 5 major items give their accs back. i bet you you'll start seeing a lot more people starting to play again. this servers lame ek rule is bit over the top. there should be 1 warning to first time offenders.
  10. Vintage

    Tired Of Those Spies ...

    You can use the WEB WAREHOUSE between the same account anyway, so xfer items between your own chars using that feature. Perhaps we could possibly expand it to allow linking of multiple web warehouses together as 1 big, or allow sending items from one web wh to another... white your creativity is much appreciated but the feature we have now is big enough for these players. @farjat in my opinion 10 minutes isn't long enough. Helbreath maps are pretty BIg considering the game mechanic makes players physically run to every where.For example if a group of players decided to hunt some where like toh3 DE/GG pit. they ask for other players in town, a spy notices that and logs off instantly. Or they can simply tell their friends via Facebook or Skype. by the time the hunters get to the location, the other towns guys have already set a trap for them. bai bai zems! so what I'm trying to say is that 10 minutes delay isn't enough. I'd like to see account + emails are bound to their IP. Same account and IP cannot have 2 different factions, they can make travelers to trade but cannot create citizens. I think these restrictions are pretty absolute, but thats just me. Feel free to make any suggestions.
  11. Vintage

    Suggestions For Advertice

    as long as you have an auto in-game tip guide players can not get lost. then again the guide its self is SUPER time consuming. let us know if you guys need help writing the tips
  12. Vintage

    Suggestions For Advertice

    well the servers exp lvl is way too fast for that jun. if we were to focus on helping complete new players, this server would need to slow down the leveling speed >.< i'm just wondering if we could possibly have a poll on server reset and lower exp rate.? a poll wouldnt hurt right?
  13. Vintage

    Suggestions For Advertice

    Yeah Farjat I know exactly what you mean here. in my opinion i think the best would be auto tip helper that you can toggle ON and OFF on F12. and of course have a screen that pops up right when a new player creates a character and enters the game. Then just have white design a list of things a new player needs to do basically just make a new tip window that you can toggle on and off and make sure that the new player is able to follow the instructions right as he or she creates the character im pretty sure my 9 years old nephew was able to follow simple instructions. you just have to make sure they have VERY easy access to the simple commands as to run/walk attack/safe double click to equip items insert to use health pot etc
  14. Vintage

    Hosting Company Manteinance. 10/12/2011

    wow the servers out of houston? hmmm nice!
  15. Vintage

    The Portal At Shop/wh

    they arent working for me master White[GM] :(