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  1. kennychl

    Some New Ideas

    I like the DK tower. Probably make it 180Int + 110Vit. That case Bmage won't get it easily too.
  2. kennychl

    Happy New Year To All!

    You are damn right :D Hi Dragon. LoL!
  3. kennychl

    I Miss U Too My Loves :d

    Zion from elv?
  4. kennychl

    Happy New Year To All!

    Happy New Year to everyone! How's everything? I bet I've been forgotten, LoL! Anyway, hope you guys are doing great there :-) P/S: Is it still OK to post such thread under this segment?
  5. kennychl

    Event: Nemesis Game Tips

    Have a list of players that will hunt with you, eg: Psn Dragon Hunt (10 players) Main Tanker - ? Back up tanker - ? 2 x mages - ? 6 warriors - ?
  6. kennychl

    Forum Is Back Online!

    Nice job! I can see that every admin is very excited! Just like the rest of us! :wub:
  7. kennychl

    New Players The Server.

    Absolutely understand how you feel. I can still remember how those "pros" treated me last time. How those "Big" guilds treat me before. They don't allow me to join their hunts, because I have a low mp set. Been harassed by enemy during fight, and being insulted by enemy AND own town member during fight, because - we are noob with bad items and we are new player. But yes, patient is the key. My piece of suggestion is, if those "pros players and guilds" don't accept you, screw them. Go make your own guild and accept every new players in the game, train, and hunt with them. Get a good foundation. In 6 months time, you will realize that your guild is actually big and strong enough to play with the rest. Would really hope that I'm still playing now and accepting new players like I used to.
  8. kennychl

    Sleep Spell

    *nice one*
  9. kennychl

    Crusade - Bugged

    i realized the buildings blows up by itself one by one. thats a bug too i suppose? or isit a new feature KARMA
  10. kennychl

    When Was The Last Abbadon Kill? This was the last time. If not mistaken. The one previous from above:
  11. kennychl

    Can We Do A Asian Reform?

    To the topic: No reform. At least not at the moment., as they don't like Asian.
  12. kennychl


    *thumbs up*
  13. kennychl

    Best Idea

    Helbreath for iPhone / Android Phone :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Or Helbreath Forum App for iPhone / Android Phone :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. kennychl

    To Everyone From Asia Country

    I know who you are Vintage. I stop playing already, I'm just a history now. LOL
  15. kennychl

    To Everyone From Asia Country

    U joined at the wrong timing. U've missed the Asia Violence hour :)