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  1. Engel

    Item For Sale.

    NICE PLATE!!!!
  2. Engel

    Polish Guild Sas4 Abusing D1 Bug

    So, it wasn´t your intention to do this REPEATEDLY? sounds intentional to me...... :glare: and it is bug abuse indeed if u did this more than once or twice...
  3. Engel

    Good Player :)

    /tooff best command in game!!
  4. Engel

    Kering Macro Lamer

    +1 to gambler
  5. Engel

    Player Count

    at least easier till lvl 140
  6. Engel

    Safe Zones In Town Recall Pads Are Back.

    should test b4 talking....
  7. Engel

    Player Count

    its impossible to make every1 happy. there will be allways at least 1 CRYER. you cannot make every1 happy at the same time EVER
  8. Engel

    Dark Executor+1

  9. Engel

    1St Abaddon Owned!

    CONGRATS! a pity it didnt drop nothing good, but, the time will come...
  10. Engel

    Mim Poll

    Please post opinions/suggestions here: http://www.helbreath...showtopic=34229
  11. fwyv spwn looks scary...
  12. Engel

    How To Fix Invul + Tp+ Boxes

    lett them think whatever they want, hero armors will be weak on them....
  13. just send tickets and wait, staff will be more than glad to assist us with this....