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    Yoo Ppl How Are You Guys?

    hay rast
  3. Synz

    Hows Everybody Doing?

    Oh Hunter was definitely in Divine, because we both ran that guild (him probably more than I in the latter days of it being a guild). Good old Justice. He probably let her in. Like 85% of Aresden was in it at one point...that was horrible. Couldn't stand the people fighting in guild chat all day.
  4. Synz

    Hows Everybody Doing?

    Dang, I don't even remember Sexy being in my guild. Shows how terrible of a guild leader I was. There aren't too many recognizable "old names" left around here. Some of us still post on the forum every once in awhile. Rayne - I don't think anyone is in contact with Nimda anymore. Haven't heard from Donnie either, but I remember him popping in within the past 2-3 years maybe. Nutz wasn't really around that long and I barely even remember the name.
  5. Synz

    Screenshot/video Dump From 2006 On.

    You can has my characters. I don't have any time to play anyways hajajaj.
  6. Synz


    Oh gee, I don't think I ever would have guessed that moving a guild full of no life try hards would have turned out bad. It's OK, they'll all be super active right now since the town swap is fresh and cool. They'll get bored of trying to find EK's eventually, then you'll be back in the same situation you were in the first place. Then you'll switch the same group of people back to aresden. Then the population will be 30...90% AFK Argenlandians. I hear HB Nemesis Argentina worked out pretty well.
  7. Synz


    I like how this thread is people just saying the same thing every post. That's really fun. Keep doing that, I don't think I quite understand what guilds want to go to Elvine. Were they Anti Kangaroos and PORK? Pls advise. Need halp. pls
  8. 1/2 eks lamed dunked on
  9. Synz

    Goodbye Nemesis

    All in all..Cowbell should have been allowed to put it on a new elvine character and it was rather silly he wasn't allowed to - hence the problem in the first place. By the way - the wand was dk0, I actually upgraded it once when I was using it to help elvines get eks when they had fewer players than aresden. I even slept Cowbell with it once, but it was when sleep was pretty bad :{ Anyways, it doesn't matter too much now I guess. Sorry for being offtopic in your FAREWELL topic guys, love you guys bye~
  10. Synz

    Goodbye Nemesis

    Miml wasn't scammed, the owner confirmed the mail change for Miml, which changes the owner of Miml. It's the 2nd user (Cowbell) that whines about it cuz he "lost" a nice char, yet playing 2 sleep mages at the same time is pointless and impossible. Spanish people don't do shit here, all nemesis rules are applied to them too, and I refuse to learn to speak spanish, I only speak english to the players (or dutch). That's pretty much the definition of a scam. Doing all the work and then some lazy *censored* coming in to swipe up your work. I own an account in which I don't "own" the e-mail in which the account is registered with, but the owner doesn't change it on me because he's an actual upstanding and respected person on the server. People like whoever took Miml are scum, plain and simple. There are people on the server who do get away with more things than others, but that's going to be the case no matter what due to human nature. By the way: The sleep manual would've NEVER been used on Miml if it hadn't been for GMs telling Cowbell that he had to use it RIGHT AWAY on an elvine character. We couldn't even make a new character for it.
  11. Synz

    Highest Angel In Game

    i knew you lacked int so nice try fixing it babby's first period
  12. Synz

    Highest Angel In Game

    I own the highest int angel, I feel so special. Unless I sold it, I don't even remember :>
  13. Synz

    Unban Static

    You were the biggest pile of garbage of a human being that I've ever played with (and I've played with plenty). You had it a long time coming.
  14. Synz

    Valkyrie Banned?!