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  1. Show a little respect instead of spamming the forum please. stop acting like ur calu cuz there is just 1 calu around here and that is farjat... drkz... Im not acting like anyone. Im just saying to have some respect for Hunter. Keep editing more of your posts please.
  2. Show a little respect instead of spamming the forum please.
  3. Hey Penguin, My condoleances for this great loss. Your dad was the best GM i encountered. I remember him and you very well. Fair and nice to all. Had some awesome times ingame. Greetings from an old nem1 player ReaveR
  4. drkz

    Game Update 07/11/2014

    I can only applaud a server which makes so much development and changes to keep the crowd entertained and challenged. As a normal player we don't see the many hours and hours put in by coding and programming. Bravo.
  5. drkz


    check pms bro
  6. drkz

    Yoo Ppl How Are You Guys?

    wtf its synz O_O
  7. drkz

    Yoo Ppl How Are You Guys?

    Joining the forces again Rast? welcome back.
  8. drkz

    Kenzo Marketplace

    bbh+5???? sick bro.
  9. drkz

    Rock Drops

    Consider the possibility of rocks dropping X or M stones, maybe same chance % of dropping mithral. It would pose some logic to it, since it are rocks.. dropping stones. Thank you.
  10. drkz

    [Fixed] Ares Town Down

    Ares map still down White.
  11. drkz

    Hows Everybody Doing?

    Hai Rayne and HAI synz Rayne i remember your name. I was on nem1 too as ReaveR, i still play. Nice to see you still show interest for the game. :) And Synz, shame on you now remembering Sexy in guild lol. But then again, we had many different guilds. Divine, Electus Pauci, Krazy Fingers, we r edited, etc. Besides Sexy, I recall even Hunter being in Divine matter of fact on his player character. Shame due to the amount of time passed I don't own the folder of screenshots anymore. Definetly some hilarious and epic stuffs on there. Cheerz
  12. drkz


    I see your wyvern elvine.. and i raise ya wif dis: Your move!
  13. drkz

    The Tamers!

    Yes that's a great idea. Longer taming time in BF to get actual benefit from it. It's already hard enough to find a good spot to tame wyv with all other mobs. When you succeed on taming it, take in account also alot of mobs are around and it could get killed quickly. So yes, please make it longer. :)
  14. drkz

    Emergency Shutdown - 27/03/2014

    Ok. You have an approximate time on this?
  15. drkz

    The Tamers!

    Been there done that already :)