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  1. Lorth-Blizzy-

    Wanted Players And Rewards

    I've thought about it, and the only way i see this being scammed is if: either someone lames, which is easily detected, or if the same person is getting the eks for the reward, which is also easily detectable. So how do you mean? nvm, i read your idea wrong. I thought the most wanted was for criminals of the same town.
  2. Lorth-Blizzy-

    Wanted Players And Rewards

    can be easily scammed if you think about it.
  3. remember that time you were cool?

  4. Stay thirsty my friends*

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    2. Sardientje


      3 years later still sardina elitez on ground!

    3. Sardientje


      2016 Sardina Elitez Still on the ground!

    4. Sardientje


      2017 Sardina Elitez Still on the ground!

  5. Lorth-Blizzy-

    Cakes Birthday Bash Bonanza

  6. Lorth-Blizzy-

    Ummmff I Quit

    ajauamjauj nabs
  7. Lorth-Blizzy-

    Ummmff I Quit

    i quit a while ago ye? now its official perhaps ill be back idk HB is addicting. Its been atleast 3 months now since i played. Only Juggz has my acc.
  8. Lorth-Blizzy-

    Auto Repair

  9. Lorth-Blizzy-

    Jappy Berday(again) Garch

    AHI MERRY BERFNOZ GARCH. ALL GO HERE http://helbreathnemesis.com/forum/index.ph...mp;#entry277569
  10. Lorth-Blizzy-

    Vote In Top 50 For Event

    havent been there in a while :D too many people were saying random stuff and taking my name xD
  11. Lorth-Blizzy-

    Happy Birthday Hunter[gm] !

    happy birthday man
  12. Lorth-Blizzy-

    Succeed % On Bbh+5

    ranz pwned with trade.
  13. Lorth-Blizzy-

    New Dye Color

  14. Lorth-Blizzy-

    New Dye Color

    Make dye color to match elv fh. Ares have the orange dye to match, why not elvs?