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    Sell Something

    MP M (mage 52 str, all manu) Full-Helm+3 mp84 Hauberk+3 mp84 Plate Mail+3 mp56 Chain Hose+3 mp84 Cape mp21 DR M (52 str, all Manu) Wizard Hat+3 dr70 Hauberk dr84 Plate Mail dr84 Chain Hose dr91 Cape dr63 MR M (52 str, all manu) Full-Helm mr84 Hauberk mr84 Plate Mail+3 mr84 Chain Hose mr84 HP M (all manu) Hauberk hp70 Chain Hose hp63 HP W (all manu) Horned Helm cic2 hp70 Hauberk cic5 hp84 Chain Hose cic7 hp84 Ring and Necklase RoGM x2 RoDrg x2 DM5 MS18 Merien Neck Goblin Neck Efreet Neck Dex Angel+20 Dex Angel+11 Rares Merien Plate W and M Merien Chain Mail M Ice Sword+1 Dark-Elf Bow x2 Weapons and wands Sharp Barbarian Battle Hammer+3 hp91 (completion 200%) Poison PD50 Battle Axe+3 hp77 Mage with Cancel+ Hell-Fire+ ESW, Ice Storm, MSF 100% Salvaging and Enchanting
  2. roca1985

    Sell Something

    move to Banana Marketplace!
  3. roca1985

    Funny Banana Beta Statistics

  4. roca1985

    12 Helping Elvs

    que raro!
  5. roca1985

    Selling Items

    Selling items Zwand ms10 ABH hp21 RoDrag DE bow x2 Dark Executor cape dr21, dr28 combat cape hp28 mr W full helm 28 leather mr91 berk 77 hoses77 wood shield mr91 wood shield hp91
  6. roca1985

    Helbreath Banana Info

  7. roca1985

    H0T! My 1St Scorps Ek As A Mage, Damn Bro!

  8. roca1985

    Pits Per Level

  9. roca1985

    The New Invulnerable Shield And Pullers.

    pullers everywhere, pullers everytime!!! no chance
  10. roca1985

    Quest For Zems

    WTH!!!! 1º MASS items (GVG prize) :S 2º Safe area... 3º now for Zems... REALLY? HEY bro go hunt WYV and stop crying!!! if u dont like this, go playing MU ONLINE!
  11. roca1985

    Pvp On Santa Map :(

    PVP mode ON in Santa map :(
  12. roca1985

    Best Sugges For Now

  13. roca1985

    [event] Trick Or Treat !? -- Extended --

    +1 me bro too :(