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  1. Bacon

    Dexterity And Hitting Probability

    That's exactly true, except that hitting probability is not expressed in %, it's just a "pure" value, a 200 dex player would have 150 hitting probability from his dex stat. Player's HP and DR is used to calculate the chance of hitting, a formula is applied using the attackers HP and target's DR as values to then calculate the chance of success to hit the enemy, a dice is thrown, if the dice rolls equal or higher then the chance of success to hit the enemy, the attack succeeds and damage is dealt. Anything that adds to your HP will increase your chance to hit your enemy successfully. Your enemy can counter your HP using DR items, which'll decrease your chance of hitting again. thx! :D
  2. Bacon

    Dexterity And Hitting Probability

    white: so if i got 191 dex, that means ... sum1 who has 200 has 9% HP more than me?
  3. Bacon

    Heldenian Suggestions

    i like the old system ... only on sundays :D
  4. Bacon

    Floyd- = Dreamcream

    *____________________________________* arg boy!
  5. Bacon

    Floyd- = Dreamcream

    jajaja :P
  6. Bacon

    Highest Angel In Game

    naaa, sneaker isnt that rich to buy x neck. fh + hp abh = pain
  7. Bacon

    Highest Angel In Game

    pr0 buyer.
  8. Bacon

    Floyd- = Dreamcream

    lol, yea right he has no friends ... like more than a year in ur guild and no1 is his friend? wat about Bakkies? they r from the same country ...
  9. Bacon

    Floyd- = Dreamcream

    kid my *censored*, i dun care if he is out of ur guild ... he has friends there, and he ll spy us for sure ... and like i wrote, this is for the ares read not u guys.
  10. Bacon

    Floyd- = Dreamcream

    yooo, wazsup aresden? well guys, just to u guys know ... FloyD- is DreamCream ... ( hachis* member ) so ... bsafe when u see him ... maybe sum back ll come... and dun let him join ur guild ... once hachis, always hachis ...
  11. Bacon

    Some New Ideas

    lol dk tower... create vit angel too XD
  12. Bacon

    Brainstorming-Item Cooldown

    u can check it, by puttin sumthing rare ( act sh1t ) and off again, so they ll tell u how many time left u needed to use it ...
  13. Bacon

    Happy New Year To All!

    its jan 26 ... u are lil late ... :/
  14. Bacon

    Does Winning Held Affect Droprate In Ml?

    ohhh i see mr white ... so held does matter in drops ... nice ...
  15. Bacon

    Does Winning Held Affect Droprate In Ml?

    white said, helds doesnt matter if u are at ml, both sides has 9% extra drop rate bonus. ..