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/to Staff


Well i think if its possible create Scroll Of Reputation like this value


10 rep scroll mobs Like ogre/ ww / stalkers

50 rep scroll mobs like Ettin / liche / Demons/ gg

100 rep scroll mobs like Barlogs / hc / TW / iW

1000 rep scroll mobs like Dragons Anc / Earth / black / abby




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Since this created the Post I want to add my suggestions:

- Add new Slot on page F5: I mean, 1slot-Necklace. 2SLOT-Ring - 3SLOT: Pandent / Gem - slot 4: Gloves / Belts? (future equipment)

- Adding the Shadow (similar Cloud Kill, but reduce Hit Pro.)

- Extend the time Taming Boss

- Add the Whip with Tam. + Pro% or reduce the cost of Taming Boss

- New Skill? , Sewing? (New clothes with new features...)

I think there are complicated but let them my orders, greetings.

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reputation is mainly useful for righteous and kloness items, or protecting from them.

I believe a rep scroll drop doesn't really fit the storyline.

I feel like Rep rewards could rather come from unique npcs who request aid in their own story/mission and reward you with Rep.


A new equipment slot sounds interesting, but our graphical expansion capabilities are very limited as we don't have an artist to create new ones for us.


Extending taming time and success rate items will new added in the future. Whips with higher success rate, items which extend your influence on the mobs, etc...


New skills will be added and old skills will be expanded. Manufacturing will have dk items added along with a new ore, ingot and a new map to obtain them.

Skinning will also be added to the game along with support items for this skill. The skill will allow you to skin a monster of its body parts.

Salvaging is another skill that'll come soon, it is used to salvage items and have a chance to recover materials and stat gems from the items.

Enchanting is another skill to be added, it goes hand in hand with salvaging as you recover stat gems from salvaging, you use these gems with enchanting to upgrade them to a higher stat and eventually add them again in your own items to use them.

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look forward to these skills :D


Same here, I look forward making them :)


The last 2 (salvaging & enchanting) bring a whole new aspect to obtaining high statted armors making the low statted ones valueable (for either training purposes or to gather a lot of low statted to upgrade higher)


Currently the design documents on these 2 skills are fairly well shaped, the basic upgrading and success rate charts are made, so it basically comes down to interfacing (which I do on the spot during development rather than beforehand) and the actual coding to make it happen :D

But first we plan to finish PvP Tournaments, at the time of writing they're close to leaving test phase and go live.

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