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  1. DamaBlanca

    Nemesis 3 Server Down!

    cuz its a damnnn joke or maybe a shame ? decided what its better
  2. DamaBlanca

    Halloween Party Quests

    White go check bug on "partially complete quest" i guess that dont work yestarday try in to do it with kloness zem and dissapear all items but quest in red all when i drop rest of items on WH.
  3. DamaBlanca

    Halloween Party Quests

    Sadly but getting a 100% or 90% tammer i pick up NS hallo boots and when try "Big trick" quest are so bugged then i just recall and never came back again. For me preffer close that map and get all the ppl on ML or IB again.
  4. DamaBlanca

    Helbreath Banana Info

    Create new part on forum for banana , i think this part its for a real HB.
  5. DamaBlanca

    Selling Best Mr W And Best Cape In Game :p

    tengo 21 USD en el AW que me das?
  6. DamaBlanca

    Pvp Event Vs Guilds

    Hardly to get all the ppl on at the same time , srly timezones of both guilds are very different. Mark , rikku or what polar be :P BS items pvp for what? We play long time and support our chars for 1 reason i preffer with items but no activ rare and no SB .
  7. DamaBlanca

    Selling Mage W Dk +15 Elvine

    More eks more Mjps more Items
  8. DamaBlanca

    Raid 24-7

    Create 3rd TOWN for argenlandia we want blood of all or make another Kill GEEME EVENT!!!
  9. DamaBlanca


    mr 56 hoses for ?
  10. DamaBlanca

    Dragonia's Ice Section

    do some for ppl enter for fight thats the only think what works
  11. DamaBlanca

    Dragonia's Ice Section

    or just create new map on spot of Iw map "legendary X mob " and put 200 and when all dead respawn 1 aleatory legend wyv
  12. DamaBlanca

    Dragonia's Ice Section

    or change visual sprites but that gonna cost much .
  13. DamaBlanca

    Para El Próximo Update

    Te digo sinceramente larga el tammer y jugar en un char decente tenes una guild de 15 noobs hunters , si eligen ser tammer es por que son mongos. Deberian bajar la Hiting del bow estamos a 200 ms o menos un mago con 50 dex ya no sirve y les siguen dando todavia mas ventajas al war
  14. DamaBlanca

    Jing's Trade List

    pm me what for air neck. thx
  15. DamaBlanca

    Selling Mage W Dk +15 Elvine

    A few thing more.