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Mim Poll

Should MIM be changed?  

81 members have voted

  1. 1. Should MIM be changed?

    • Yes, remove it completely from the game (for a short time OR forever).
    • Yes, remove it from Wizard Tower and put it into a Rare Manual.
    • Yes, make it 1 square big (not an area spell).
    • Yes, raise the MP cost very high.
    • Yes, raise the INT required to above 200.
    • No, it should not be changed.
  2. 2. Should MIM be removed?

    • Yes, for a short period of time.
    • Yes, completely. It should be gone forever.
    • No, leave it in but change something listed above.
    • No, leave it as it is. We have Illusion Angels/MR Sets/AMP for that.

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Mim is just fine.. The game is just fine. When MiM'ed, you can get casted amp- bye bye problems.


To all: Save the tears for when things get YuCky.




; )

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I really liked the idea which was posted on another thread: make MIM hit trough PFM only on the target square, area efffect won't go trough PFM. Even though I voted for MIM change I don't see it urgent, Nemesis has bigger problems to resolve first.

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