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  1. YUCK

    Bug On Website

    the WEEKLY TOP EK option in the community tab on the website is not working. check pls
  2. YUCK

    Pleasure To Play And Record Videos

    NEW VIDEO IS UPLOADED ON THE CHANNEL LINK IS HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkn7n-PIt9Q&feature=youtu.be
  3. YUCK

    Pleasure To Play And Record Videos

    Video uploaded. Will be uploading another one later today.. stay tuned.
  4. YUCK

    Mr 42 Wings W

    Lf ma M Mr M Rox Dm5 Rodr Offer
  5. As promised I will try to upload videos every week of enemy kills that I feel are funny or is meaningful to me. What do you think about my slow hands? http://youtu.be/KD-LrsXetT0
  6. YUCK

    Pleasure To Play And Record Videos

    Also a new video of a victim destroyed and funny because you see how really unskilled I am will be uploaded in a couple of hours.. Stay tuned.
  7. SOMEONE TRANSLATE TOO LAZY XD Guys so i recently downloaded fraps and it only allows me to record for like 30 secs xD! It will record everytime I activate ice sword or whenever i want but for 30 seconds no one wants boring 20 minute videos so I will upload only kills with ice sword. If you see the enemy being destroyed 300 vs 1 just how senju was in my first video is because of the following, my intentions are not to make fun of anybody its just to upload videos of helbreath Nemesis and get more publicity for the server. See you in the video ;) Cheers! THE VIDEOS ARE UPLOADED TO THIS CHANNEL SUBSCRIBE LIKE SHARE SO NEMESIS CAN BECOME POPULAR https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq12f3TocdGEaqALZtUWbUw
  8. YUCK

    Video Ek

    Noob Kenny Ceikz, noob Kenny. Hey Mage you scared? Yes you are. Yes you are.
  9. YUCK

    Video Ek

    I don't remember dying in a 1v1 to you. I must have been afk or not me ;)
  10. YUCK

    Game Update 22/08/2014

    Please no more changes. Sry SirAyyyyBan
  11. YUCK

    Video Ek

    ^.^ more to come?? ;)
  12. The dance you make when elvines come through and get bodied real quick. JUST UPLOADING VIDEOS BECAUSE I LIKE THEM YOU DONT HAVE TO CLICK ON THEM YOU DONT HAVE TO WATCH THEM, AS A MATTER OF FACT, YOU CAN BLOCK ME IF YOU DONT WANT TO SEE MY SH1T BEING POSTED OTHERWISE ENJOY. This is the original video Watch the dance l0l This is the yucky remix ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOc08YPwdPM&index=1&list=UUq12f3TocdGEaqALZtUWbUw
  13. YUCK

    Video Ek

    It doesn't take skill to kill Senju but if you're really curious about the skill, log in /to YuCky and let me know when you're ready. We can pvp and you can just see for yourself.
  14. YUCK

    Video Ek

    Not making of anyone in this video but Money Buys Items Not Skills CLICK FOR MORE VIDEOS AND SUBSCRIBE TO MAKE MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS WITH ICE SWORD ONLY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1GRj1lYxfk
  15. YUCK

    Game Update 22/08/2014

    Dont be a hypocrite aresden have many players also, when they gather.Its not like we always have adventage.There is a lot moments when no elvs only ares on ml. You were close to win on last held, but we are just better. (Sarcasm level over 9000): Yeah it's true... It's unbalanced ! Look at the stats: You can see, in the past day (= 24h) there was 3 more elvines who logged in! unbalance! please fix! free town change! panic sell account! ok, back to serious now: It's true that both nations aren't constantly balanced every hour of the day. Yet the overall statistics (= statistics covering ALL timezones, aka a 24h timespan) show they're balanced. Hahaha owned whiners... Ray-stupid he mad He dont even understand the own lyrics to that song probSrs :D :D :D :D :D :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: