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  1. GeniuS

    Join Guild With Guild Master On Same Account

    Copy the Helbreath Nemesis folder to another location and start another instance of the game.
  2. GeniuS


    Golden era = Salvage and enchant Banana = cancel and hf spam + All the existing problems like DK items favoring mages.
  3. GeniuS

    Wipe Banana And Better Settings

    Guess not.
  4. GeniuS

    Wipe Banana And Better Settings

    - 160 max lvl - Return old hp formula - Remove dk weapons(maybe armor too, but requires strip rate/endurance balance fix). - Remove blizz from magic tower. Add as rare manual drop, similar rarity with IP necklace - Remove mim from magic tower. Add as rare manual drop, similar rarity with illusion angel. - Remove salvage and enchant(or full rework). Manufacture seems ok. - Reduce hellfire damage to compensate -20 max lvl. - Reduce required strength from items including but not limited to hauberk, hoses, weakest shields to make 10 str characters viable. - Make recall 10 int, in order to make 10 int characters also viable. - Wizard caps/hats should be way more rare than low strength helms in order to give bmages advantage. - Remove d1, farms, promiseland, huntzones. Remove entrances from maps, excluding dungeon 1. - Remove all safezones. Teleport pads in towns should have clairvoyant berserked battlegolems. - Angels back to +10 or boost magic gems totally overpowered by angels. + Compensate loss of dk weapons with as Templar sword(169str fs) as statted drop from GG+ mobs, add statted wands with "Additional magic damage" with +1-13. Dragon wand (MS25) drop from GG+ also. + Add Fury of Thor to magic tower at 182 int. + Add robes to drop list. + Double mage rings damage. (Row+2, Rom,+4...). Ring of Abaddon +10 magic and physical damage. Balance + encourage bmages. + Knecklace should be +10 dmg. +5 dmg from your own rep, +5 from enemy´s bad rep. At the moment it´s less useful than less rare dm5. + Host everything on single game server or fix delay in map change otherwise. + Make teleport locations in entry points semi-random. + Replace d1 entrances in tows with entrance to d2. +/- Fix PA armors. PA items, excluding plates and shields are useless at the moment. +/- Remove statted BBHs. Depends on dk armor. Continue?
  5. My condolences. Hunter was the greatest. Wish everything good to you and family!
  6. GeniuS

    Transfer Characters To Banana?

    Kinda offtopic, but it would be awesome to hear about Golden Era's future. It's online yeah, but literally no players on. I think Nemesis "trademark" has been long living servers, until Golden Era. Now we got Banana which seems to be like Golden Era v2. At the moment I don't feel like playing neither server, because no idea of the future.
  7. GeniuS

    Halloween Party Quests

    Go play Banana server. Gold era is dead! (at least at the moment) :(
  8. GeniuS

    Halloween Party Quests

    Can you elaborate "movement"?
  9. GeniuS

    Halloween Party Quests

    You did this(?): 1) Took all quest items with you 2) Went to cityhall(or Halloqueen?) 3) Select partially complete quest and did that 4) Items disappeared from bag, right? 5) Quest status was updated? Showing your progress? 6) ????? 7) Profit
  10. GeniuS

    Helbreath Banana Info

    I think this might be another success story like Helbreath Nemesis Argentina. Why 180/200 high rate server? Now two servers compete over same players..
  11. GeniuS

    Pvp Event Vs Guilds

    Very fine also.
  12. GeniuS

    Pvp Event Vs Guilds

    Thanks for your productive comment.
  13. GeniuS

    Pvp Event Vs Guilds

    Hello After a lot of useless talking in game we would like to have a guild PvP event. 5v5. We want at least Survivors vs Argenlandia, but in GvG any other guild can participate too and fight for the victory! We fight only for the honor so prize should be an event notification type popup saying "X guild is bunch of fogduckers" or something like that. No prize is fine also. Also this event should have enemykills enabled, so yaco doesn't have reason to back down. I will make sure this match is recorded and released on youtube. Good promotion for Helbreath Nemesis also :)
  14. GeniuS


    hp cape is for trade?
  15. GeniuS

    Hello Nemesis

    Glad to see you back. We met already ;)