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Why Abaddon Doesn't Have Body?

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Doesn't any one who know that why Abaddon doesn't have body?


Why only a head?


Without body and how it attack?


Any one who know bout HelBreath story?


I heard that Helbreath has Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 is coming soon?


Maybe this is a fool question for me here, but i really wish to know it more.


Feel free to write your answer here.


Thanks to all GM's Player's who read this.




¿No todo el que sabe que por qué Abaddon no tiene cuerpo?


¿Por qué sólo una cabeza?


Sin cuerpo y cómo atacar?


Cualquiera que conoce la historia Helbreath combate?


He oído que Helbreath tiene Episodio 1, 2, 3, 4, y 5 es muy pronto?


Tal vez esta es una pregunta tonta para mí aquí, pero realmente deseo para saber más.


Siéntase libre de escribir tu respuesta aquí.


Gracias a todo jugador de GM es quien lea esto.

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excerpts taken from the storyline section of nemesis website:



Episode 2 - Resurrection of Abaddon


Elvine and Arseden, united under their new truce, captured Hellclaw and Tigerworm and locked them in the underground land of prisoners. In the quest to capture the two monsters, the brave knight from Arseden, rescuer of the Elvine Princess, found out the truth of Abaddon and his intentions while scouring the Ancient Civilization. His people would not believe what he had discovered; so with the help of the Elvine Princess, he explained what he had found to the Elvine king.

Meanwhile in Elvine and Abaddon, all weapons and armor blessed by God began to disappear. The Villains, worshippers of Abaddon, had stolen the sacred articles and taken all those who possessed them prisoner. The Villains delivered these articles to the Land of Collapse, the prison of the evil Abaddon. These blessed armors and weapons were necessary to free Abaddon from his imprisonment.

In the Land of Collapse, the Villians, running out of time, performed the ceremony to resurrect Abaddon, missing one of the necessary sacred weapons. Carefully, they placed the Sword of Ice Elemental, the Sword of Medusa, the Sword of Xelima, the Merian Shield, and the Merian Plate upon six of the seven columns surrounding the shrine that confined Abaddon. The ceremony worked but not as planned. Abaddon was resurrected bodiless, existing only as a spirit. Abaddon plotted to summon Hellclaw and Tigerworm to find the "Abaddon Ring," whose power could revert him to his full and mighty stature.






as storyline says, the ceremony to unseal the abaddon didnt work as planned and he was rsurrected only as a spirit.





this is the link to the story.

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Episode 4 is the Heldenian.


Episode 5 was never made, but for nemesis episode 5 is the Dragon episode with the Dragonia map.

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