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Progressive Demon Event

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The Progressive Demon Event is back!!!!!!


Last time we tried this, we did not have anyone at max level!!


Let's see how well we can do this time.


On Saturday, March 28th at 2pm and 3pm server time, meet on the farm area of the farm for the event.


All levels are welcome to attend.


This is how it works.


I will mark off an area on the farm...a large square area.


In the center of this square, I will summon 1 demon. When it is dead, I will summon 2.


When they are down, I will summon 3...and so on and so forth. The goal is to kill the demons before they


leave the marked off area. The event ends when a demon crosses over the boundary line.


The server record, from Nemesis 1 is 42 demons.


This event requires cooperation from each player. The mages must work with the warriors to make sure


all of the demons die, and players do not.


No civilians or travellers will be allowed to watch and jump drops. Any and all drops are to be given to the GM.


A large food game will be held at the end of the event for everyone that helped.


GM staff, I will need some help with this one so please try and be there.


Aresden will be at 2pm and Elvine at 3pm


I will also add to the food game some nice items for both towns.


Questions? Fire away and please translate this event to your native language.





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sounds fun cya in farm. May be a little hard for GMS to make sure they get all drops with 40-50 dead demons thu :P players will have to be honest and tell when something drops.

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Players will tell on others if something drops and they dont give it up.


also, we can check the logs and see if anything dropped during that time period on that map

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Demon event espanish translation


El evento de Demonios progresivos ha vuelto!!!

la ultima vez que intentamos esto no habia nadie en el maximo nivel!

Veamos que tan lo hacen esta vez

El sabado, 28 de marzo a las 2 y pm hora del server, nos encontraremos en la zona de granjas de la farm para el evento.

Todos los niveles estan invitados a participar.

Asi es como esto funciona.

Hare una marca en la farm.....un inmenso cuadrado.

En el centro de este cuadrado, aparecere 1 demonio. Cuando este muera, aparecere 2.

Cuando estos mueran, lo hare con 3....y asi consecutivamente. La meta es matar a los demonios antes que estos abandonen el area marcada. El evento termina cuando un demonio deja el area marcada.

El record del server nemesis1 fue de 42 demonios.

El evento requiere la cooperacion de cada jugador, los magos deben trabajar junto con lo guerreros para asegurarse que los demonios mueran, y no los jugadores.

Ningun civilian o traveller tiene permitido mirar o saltar sobre los drops. Todos los drops seran entregados al GM.

Un extenso juego de comida (food game) tendra lugar al finalizar el evento para todos aquellos que hayan ayudado.

El conjunto de GM, necesitare ayuda en esto asi que por favor traten de estar presente.

Aresden sera a las 2 de la tarde y elvine a las 3 pm.

Agregare ademas en el juego de comida algunos items lindos para ambas ciudades.

Preguntas?Prendan fuego(comentenlo) y por favor traduscan este evento a su lenguaje nativo.




PD:Why did...nevermind? can i keep 11 wine bottle like souvennirs...?

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We had this event about a 9-12 months ago, was fun, was worth me waking up at 3 am before Uni for thats for sure. Really requires good leadership from people to get to the 42 mark, I remember having to make a few saves from runner demons.


From memory we won this event last time.


IPB Image


Couple of questions though Hunter, like last time will you be using the same type of sqaure ie the farming area (as seen on my Screenshot mini map)? Last time I know it caused a lot of confusion and also, like last time will be you be doing some sort of summon event or something for the town who lasts the longest?

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Yes...same square but i will use some crops to mark it better....


Yes winning town will get summon event on the monday following the event.


I dont like to do summon events during raid time.


I will offer 2 times for the summon event


9am server time


and 7pm server time


so as many players as possible can participate in the reward

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Are you sure theres going to be enough time if you start one towns event at 2 pm and then go for sade at 2:30?

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Aresden made it to 20 demons down when the sade started.


We will meet after sade to finish.


Awesome job, so far, Aresden.


Elvine! Youre on deck! I will be over to start yours, when Ares is done.

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Aresden went down at 35 right?


How much did Elvine got?


I have some nice screenshots, when I have time I'll put them on the forum.

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yea please do post ss's if you took them


I got completely side-tracked and didnt take a single one :sleep:


Aresden made it to 35 and elvine to 31


Aresden will get summon event on monday at 9am and 6pm server time.


I dont like to give raid events on weekend and interfere with the pvp.


Congrats Aresden!


Drops from the day- both towns


- several ms20 wands with cp and hp

- Right Battle Axes

- Psn Battle Axes

- Crit Battle Axes

-Agile battle Axes

- crit flam- but this may have been from a player lol

- Crit GiS

- Right GiS

- Great Sword- crit and right

- PR chain

- ns chains

- sp shields, mr shields

- slate pieces

- alch parts

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