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MP M (mage 52 str, all manu)

Full-Helm+3 mp84

Hauberk+3 mp84

Plate Mail+3 mp56

Chain Hose+3 mp84

Cape mp21

DR M (52 str, all Manu)

Wizard Hat+3 dr70

Hauberk dr84

Plate Mail dr84

Chain Hose dr91

Cape dr63

MR M (52 str, all manu)

Full-Helm mr84

Hauberk mr84

Plate Mail+3 mr84

Chain Hose mr84

HP M (all manu)

Hauberk hp70

Chain Hose hp63

HP W (all manu)

Horned Helm cic2 hp70

Hauberk cic5 hp84

Chain Hose cic7 hp84

Ring and Necklase

RoGM x2

RoDrg x2



Merien Neck

Goblin Neck

Efreet Neck

Dex Angel+20

Dex Angel+11


Merien Plate W and M

Merien Chain Mail M

Ice Sword+1

Dark-Elf Bow x2

Weapons and wands

Sharp Barbarian Battle Hammer+3 hp91 (completion 200%)

Poison PD50 Battle Axe+3 hp77

Mage with Cancel+ Hell-Fire+ ESW, Ice Storm, MSF

100% Salvaging and Enchanting

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