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The current process to move stuff from in-game WH to web WH is extremely slow and painful. If you want to transfer a non-trivial amount of items then u have to click the "Transfer" button for each one and wait for the page to reload each time.

The more items u have in the web WH the slower this process becomes because the page takes longer to reload.


It would be extremely helpful (and I'm guessing not really hard to implement) if instead of a "Transfer" button to the right of each item you could have a simple checkbox and then a Transfer button at the bottom of the page. Once you hit that then all the items checked are transferred in one batch.


The oposite (transferring from web WH to game WH) is not really an issue because this operation is a lot less frequent and it would also require more work because you have the option to select the slot where u want to transfer the item to.

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