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  1. locke

    Itrade Wh!

    Still looking for mp berk or hoses W, mr leather or chain W, halloween hat, hp berk W or just offer through PM. Thanks.
  2. locke

    Itrade Wh!

    Added Leather Armor(W) HP+21%, Hauberk(W) MR+35%
  3. locke

    Itrade Wh!

    1x DF+15 1x DM+3 1x Ring of Demon power (traded) 1x Ring of Mage 1x Dark Elf's Bow+3 1x Barbarian Hammer+3 1x Strong(14%) Plate Mail(W) DR+49% 1x Mana Convert(1%) Targe Shield DR+42% 1x Strong(21%) Iron Shield DR+28% 1x Strong(14%) Hauberk(W) DR+21% 1x Mana Convert(1%) Leather Armor(W) DR+21% 1x Light(16%) Hauberk(M) DR+21% 1x Light(20%) Wood Shield MP+35% 1x Strong(14%) Plate Mail(W) MP+28% 1x Strong(14%) Leather Armor(W) MP+21% 1x Strong(28%) Chain Hose(W) MP+14% 1x Strong(14%) Leather Armor(W) MP+14% 1x Strong(21%) Chain Mail(W) MP+7% 1x Strong(21%) Blonde Shield MP+7% 1x Light(16%) Leather Armor(W) MP+7% 1x Strong(14%) Lagi Shield HP+35% 1x Strong(42%) Targe Shield HP+28% 1x Strong(35%) Leather Armor(W) HP+28% 1x Strong(42%) Horned Helm(M) HP+21% 1x Strong(14%) Plate Mail(M) HP+21% 1x Strong(21%) Leather Armor(W) HP+21% 1x Strong(35%) Chain Hose(M) HP+14% 1x Strong(28%) Plate Mail(W) HP+14% 1x Strong(21%) Leather Armor(W) HP+14% 1x Strong(14%) Tower Shield HP+14% 1x Strong(28%) Leather(M) HP+7% 1x Strong(21%) Plate Mail(M) HP+7% 1x Light(16%) Chain Mail(W) HP+7% 1x Strong(42%) Wood Shield MR+49% 1x Strong(21%) Targe Shield MR+42% 1x Light(16%) Hauberk(W) MR+35% 1x Mana Convert(1%) Targe Shield MR+35% 1x Light(16%) Targe Shield MR+35% 1x Strong(28%) Chain Mail(M) MR+28% 1x Strong(49%) Helm(M) MR+21% 1x Strong(35%) Helm(M) MR+21% 1x Strong(35%) Hauberk(M) MR+21% 1x Strong(28%) Leather(M) MR+21% 1x Strong(14%) Leather Armor(W) MR+21% 1x Light(16%) Leather(M) MR+21% 1x Light(16%) Hauberk(W) MR+21% 1x Light(16%) Hauberk(M) MR+21% 1x Light(16%) Chain Hose(M) MR+21% 1x CritInc(+2%) Hauberk(M) 1x CritInc(+1%) Targe Shield PA+9% 1x Strong(14%) Leather(M) PA+15% 1x Mana Convert(2%) Wood Shield PA+9% 1x Mana Convert(2%) Targe Shield PA+9% 1x CritInc(+1%) Targe Shield PA+9% 1x Special(CP12%) Magic Wand(MS10) HP+70% 1x Special(CP9%) Magic Wand(MS20) HP+63% 1x Special(CP6%) Magic Wand(MS10) HP+63% 1x Special(CP12%) Magic Wand(MS20) HP+49% 1x Special(CP12%) Magic Wand(MS20) EXP+20% 1x Poisoning(PD50) Flameberge 1x Ancient(+21% endu) Flameberge HP+35% 1x Sharp Hammer HP+21% 1x Agile Battle Axe 1x Poisoning(PD20) Battle Axe REP+6 1x Critical+5 Battle Axe HP+21% 1x Critical+5 Battle Axe HP+21% 1x Sharp Battle Axe 1x Strong(14%) Battle Axe HP+21% 1x Poisoning(PD20) War Axe REP+2 1x Critical+5 Black Shadow Sword HP+70% (traded) 1x Agile Black Shadow Sword HP+35% 1x Sharp Black Shadow Sword 1x Sharp Black Shadow Sword REP+5 1x Critical+12 Rapier 37x Zemstone of Sacrifice 10x Xelima Stone 26x DF10 5x DM+1 8x MS10 7x Ring Of Ogre Power 16x Ring Of Wizard Looking for Hoses or Berk MP W, MR W Mage, DR W Mage, MS16+, Merien Stones, Halloween Hat, Stated Capes or just offer!
  4. locke

    Web Warehouse

    The current process to move stuff from in-game WH to web WH is extremely slow and painful. If you want to transfer a non-trivial amount of items then u have to click the "Transfer" button for each one and wait for the page to reload each time. The more items u have in the web WH the slower this process becomes because the page takes longer to reload. It would be extremely helpful (and I'm guessing not really hard to implement) if instead of a "Transfer" button to the right of each item you could have a simple checkbox and then a Transfer button at the bottom of the page. Once you hit that then all the items checked are transferred in one batch. The oposite (transferring from web WH to game WH) is not really an issue because this operation is a lot less frequent and it would also require more work because you have the option to select the slot where u want to transfer the item to.
  5. locke

    Game Update 04/07/2014

    Pretty exciting update! Congrats and thank you for putting the effort required to make it possible. One quick question, what is considered "not good/special items" for the purpose of the Junk drops feature? Like body parts and pots? Or also certain armors, shields and weapons?
  6. locke

    Tamed Mobs/summons And Dc

    True. If this is the intended behavior it would be nice to at least be able to see where your tamed mobs are on the mini-map (as you do whhen you are in party) to at least track those *censored*ers after they are gone. But then again, if the mobs is no longer associated with you it probably wouldn't appear on the mini-map either if this feature existed.
  7. locke

    Tamed Mobs/summons And Dc

    Basically, if you have a number of tamed mobs (lets put 5 as an example) and you DC or log out, when you reconnect those tamed mobs are still tamed but not associated to you anymore. Meaning: 1. They automatically become wanderers 2. They do not respond to commands (assist, hold, follow, etc) 3. You can tame another 5 Mobs, even though you can still see the previous 5 as "Friendly" This is particularly annoying when you are taming DEs for instance, because if you DC then by the time you are able to log in again your pit is basically *censored*ed because the tamed DEs that you had are now scattered through a huge map like TOH. The exact same thing happens with summons. You can create 5 summons, log out, log in, create another 5, log out, log in... ad infinitum.
  8. locke

    Pretend Corpse

    A thought; Pretend Corpse is utilized as a method to avoid being hit by warriors in spells like Paralyze and what not. It is effective in such, but not effective against magic attacks. Most use it for this sole purpose. However, Pretend Corpse was meant to be a way to fool players into thinking you are dead and to give you an escape route. I think this function is lost. So to revive it, I suggest instead of displaying a "Critical" on top of a players head, why not display a random damage. In mass fights this could be used to fake a death and actually be somewhat believable! Thoughts?
  9. locke

    [Fixed] Server Down?

    Cool! Thanks
  10. locke

    [Fixed] Server Down?

    Is the server down? I can't seem to be able to pass past the login screen.
  11. locke

    Network Improvements

    That is awesome! Kudos mate! About the PVP event, would be nice to consider something were only DK/BS items are allowed to make it appealing for players who just joined or even bring new players because of the event and the update. Otherwise is really hard for them to even have a chance. Or doing separate events, one with everything allowed and one restricted... Don't know, just throwing it out there! Cheers!
  12. locke

    Taming Success Rate

    That explains why taming seems to be a lot easier on mobs that are not moving (particularly if you have high ping). Good to know that. Thanks!
  13. locke

    Taming Success Rate

    Hi, The taming page says "The minimum success rate is 5%. When you've reached the maximum % of a monster, your success rate is 100%". I'm currently at 61% and I still fail to tame Trolls sometimes, which are shown as 60% Max. ​Is this a bug, outdated information on the taming page or just a fundamental misunderstanding from my part? When I read that the success rate is 100% once you reach the max % my understanding is that every attempt to tame that particular monster should be successful. Thanks!
  14. locke

    Silent Wood

    Coincido en parte con los dos. Por un lado estos últimos días he visto varios (al menos 5 que he visto por el chat) jugadores totalmente nuevos a HB que estaban preguntando lo básico de cómo jugar. Si a esos jugadores, por más que sean 180, se los obliga a ir a ML donde los van a matar a cada rato van a perder las ganas de jugar enseguida. Por otro lado, si los jugadores más antiguos y que disfrutan más del PVP no tienen con quien pelear también se van a aburrir y terminar dejando el server. Creo que con los features de PVP tournament que están implementando ahora ambos tipos de jugadores van a poder hacer lo que prefieran sin sentir que todo el mundo se aprovecha de ellos (primer caso) y sin aburrirse porque no hay un buen PVP (segundo caso). For the english speakers: DamaBlanca suggested that all players should be "encouraged" to go to ML to train as to increase the level of PVP. His argument is that most players join the server looking mostly to fight other players and if new players can stay all day in EF, Garden, SW, etc. then those players looking for PVP will get bored and eventually leave the server. loquendo30 says that if new players get targeted all day by DK15 or full of items players then they will get tired of getting killed and will also eventually leave the server. I think both are partially right. I've seen a lot of completely new to HB players lately joining (at least 5 that I saw on the global chat) and asking basic questions like where to get the DK set and what spells or weapons to use. If those players are forced to go to ML and get killed all the time by more experienced players then I think they will get overwhelmed by that like loquendo30 said. If, on the other hand, these older players have absolutely no one to PVP because all other players are training safely in places like Garden or SW then they will also get frustrated and bored (and eventually quit as well). I'm hoping that with the upcoming features of the PVP tournaments that is currently under development, both types of players will get the best of both worlds and play the style that suits them better. Cheers!
  15. locke

    Auto Reconnect Issue

    So is that global var updated when you call ChangeGameMode(DEF_GAMEMODE_ONMAINMENU)? If so then that "if" might never execute as it is right after the changeGameMode Edit: Just saw your edit. No problem! Glad I could help! :)