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Please Read - Auction House Ads, An Example

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This new forum is to be used only for advertising your items in the Auction House. If you want, you can also add a link to your trade list in the Marketplace, but you must have a current item(s) in the AH for your topic to stay open.


Here's an example of an advertisement:



Topic Title:


"PD40 HP21 GiS - $20"




"Selling PD40 HP21 GiS for $20 in the Auction House.


Ends on January 16, 19:00 Server Time.


Buyout is $40!"



If you have a packet in the AH, make sure to spell the packet name exactly as it is in the AH, as well as what's inside.


Here's an example of an adverstisement for a packet:



Topic Title:


"Packet of EXP/Mana Slates and PGs! - $35!"




"Selling "Slates and PGs" for $35 in AH, packet contains:


x5 Power Green

x5 Super Power Green

x1 Mana Slate

x2 EXP Slate


Buyout is $50! Auction ends January 15, 13:00 Server time.


Also, check out my trades in Marketplace"




These are just examples, but be sure to include items in your sale, bidding and buyout prices, and time when auction will end.



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