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Santa[gm] Christmas Wish List

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i feel like ive been very respectful and nice this year and as a new, under rated player i hope im chosen. my wish this christmas is for a Purple Dyed DK armour. an ANCIENT bh would be nice to match it but i dont wanna push my luck.


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Hi Santa,


I wish I wish a Critical 8% Mana Recovery 91% Pink Cape please. Many many thanks!


Wishing a blessed christmas and year ahead for all~ (^__^)




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Well, I approved all accounts pending before going to bed.


The last one was a fake name of ghshdhahb and an email of gshfbsjs@hotmail


It was not a valid email so...if that was them, they lost out.


Closing topic now.


The SantaGM is sleeping now but she will most likely be up very, very early.


After she opens some of her presents, I will have her pull the name.


She will probably want to do it first because she is excited to see who wins!!


Some of you are like little kids....asking me all day long how much longerrrrrr!!!


I am glad to see so many of you participate.


I must say...this was a fun event. Maybe Maggie has Event GM in her blood?


Merry Christmas to all and to all....a GOOD night!


I will not post the name of the winner, so it remains a surprise.


If the winner wants to post their item, that would be great.


Log in game, if your wish item is in your bag, you won.


If it is not, you did not.


I can assure you this event is being handled in a very RANDOM way.


We ALL have an equal chance of winning.


Each of your names and the item you wish for, is on a slip of paper in a shoe box.


ONE will be drawn in the morning....that person wins.


If they asked for something....unbalancing, and unreasonable.... I will edit their wish to something


that is reasonable.


EX: They want HP 91 ancient rep 7 BH

They might get an ancient BH +1 hp 35


This is just an example.

90% of the wishes were fine. and if you will get THAT item you asked for.


Good luck to all!

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