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  1. Halelujah

    Sharp, Ancient And Righteous Weapons

    Does the righteous added damage works on townmates, too?
  2. Halelujah

    Sharp, Ancient And Righteous Weapons

    But I think not much of players have negative reps, which also means that righteous weapons are barely useful. Will there be at least a slight tweak to righteous weapon's additional damage according to reps?
  3. Halelujah

    A Few Suggestions.

    Is there a way to set auto running mode after reconnection? :s Server's had problem lately and got massive disconnection, got annoyed that had to keep CTRL + R CTRL + A CTRL + N.
  4. Halelujah

    A Few Suggestions.

    Yeah maybe low details but with footsteps of course.
  5. Halelujah

    A Few Suggestions.

    Hi, These are some suggestions that I think will enhance the gameplay; 1. Majestic point indicator at Character Info page. (To show how many majestic points are available from the page instead of clicking on Level Settings or Bag > Upgrade which is a hassle.) 2. Low FPS mode, not sure how this works but it's good for low spec PC. 3. Quest counter; to show amount of mobs killed. Sometimes you don't realize when the quest is done due to too many information coming out, so a quest counter would be very ideal. As I mentioned above these are only opinions, thank you.
  6. Halelujah

    *trading* Mr Set W And Some Items.

    LOL can't send you new messages :P
  7. Halelujah

    *trading* Mr Set W And Some Items.

  8. Halelujah

    Selling Elv Tamer 100%

    Cheap cheap good good 50$
  9. Halelujah

    *trading* Mr Set W And Some Items.

    Up added new stuffs.
  10. Halelujah

    Massive Dc And Spike.

    Had been experiencing massive DC and spike lag for the past 24 hours. Can I know when can this be fixed? Thanks.
  11. Halelujah


    mr28 plate W for ma9 horn W.
  12. Halelujah


  13. Halelujah


    ma9 horn for?