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  1. SG(ZaI)


    Hi Guys , How are you? It' been awhile. Kinda missed hb nemesis .Just pop by to say Hello! Are the old players still active? I am from nemesis 2. Cheers! :) Kyoko FH Cancel mage , RX8- FH warrior.
  2. SG(ZaI)


    Hi .. trading 2x xstone for 2 dms thanks
  3. SG(ZaI)

    Hi, Its Ml Down?

    is ML map down??can any gm check?
  4. SG(ZaI)

    Merry Christmas 2010!

  5. SG(ZaI)

    Valkyrie Account Sold!

    Take care my fren... :-) Rx..
  6. SG(ZaI)

    Survey I Stop Playing Or Not?

    baca.. don be sad about it.. efreet neck is really cheap.. i bet ur the lucky once.. don be an example of perun.. his matter is really makes me nothing to say... its jus a game.. dosent mean ur a bad guy.. but jus an mistake.. everyone does mistakes not only u.. cheer up man.. good luck.. Ky*k*
  7. SG(ZaI)

    Goodbye Nemesis

    Is sad to hear this.. GL my fren.. ill nv forget the time we been fighting around pl.. ur always the great player i nv met.. all the best my fren.. peace... ^^ Rx8-
  8. SG(ZaI)

    Hey Noobs!

    oh.. was a great surprise to see u Hunter.. :) be strong.. we all will wait for u..!! all the best.. TAKE GOOD CARE AND REST WELL..^^,
  9. SG(ZaI)

    Had To Be Done.

    bai bai vampry... all the best to u.. take care.. ^^, Rx8
  10. SG(ZaI)

    Wassup My Dear Enemys And Town Mates

    those are guild item ??
  11. SG(ZaI)

    Happy Chinese New Year To All!

    happy CNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUATTTTT AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. SG(ZaI)

    Helbreath Nemesis Version 5.04 Release.

    wow .. great job gms.. i like the new updates.. but one small case is that those BUNNY ARE IRRITATING ... keep it up.. ^^,
  13. SG(ZaI)

    Pl 180?

    i don really agreed on this.. but lv160 on pl is nice...
  14. SG(ZaI)

    Christmas Wish List

    mp 105 purple boots
  15. SG(ZaI)

    Christmas Wish List