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  1. King!!

    Helbreath & Addiction?

    U can have phisical friends that play the virtual game. U can also have lots of virtual friends and meet up in real life (argenlandia had many meetings and members met each other).
  2. King!!

    Helbreath & Addiction?

    Well, defintly not addicted to this game, at least right now. Prolly when I started playing nemesis a few years ago, I was indeed addicted to the game (played a lot of hours per week). I do believe that there are different levels of addiction: When I started playing healbreath, my first MMO, I just loved the game. Finally a game that combined rol playing and lots of players to play with/against. I also started playing it with some of my best friends, back on int, which made it even more fun. Anyways, I never really stopped hanging out with my friends or girlfriend because of the game, as in going out in real life to a pub, party, etc. Of course, I will admit that a few items we had the choice of either staying all night long playing and going out for a pizza, and obviously playing was the choice (and pizza as delivery :P). I think the problem is when the game takes 100% of ur life: stop going out with friends, stop hanging out with girlfriend, stop taking care of importat stuff (job, school, etc). U can play a lot, and enjoy it, but if the game is more important that the *really* important stuff, then u have a problem.
  3. King!!

    Box En El Shop

    No shompy, los q en el pasado usaban packs, la mayoria los siguen usando, pasa q no son tan huevones como para postear SS. Y los son accidentales. Ojo algunos si, pero la mayoria no, muchos se abusan de eso, x q saben q no los banean x q al momento de q te postean una SS haciendo eso, salen todos los q lo hacen diciendo "ss proves nothing". A lo q voy, la posicion de los GMs de no banear x una SS es la correcta. Pero almenos dejemos de ser tan hipocritas y empezar todos a postear la misma pelotudes....osea denle. :rolleyes:
  4. King!!

    Box En El Shop

    No mati pero a lo q voy es q, tiene packs edits, y justamente lo q se le da es un peke?o escarmiento (onda cambia los packs) para q aprenda, entonces me parece alpedo empezar con el "nice packs gil" y demas cosas. Tambien influye q todos los q postearon eso, usaron packs ilegales en su momento (es como la hipocrecia al maximo). Obvio q la SS no prueba nada, pero bue, ciertamente los 70 comentarios esos estan alpedo, como los estan en la mayoria de los topics. Tambien ha pasado con denunciac importantes, posteos sobre gente q taba lameando, y todos empiezan con los packs. :blush: Es como q te tiras un pedo y le hechas la culpa a los demas, me gustaria saber cuantos q postearon en este post no usaron edit pack en su momento :wub: . Tambien todos sabemos q esos "blokeos" no son accidentales, pero bue, concuerdo q la duda existencial en la SS tiene q permitirse y no banearse, pero bueno, todos sabemos q el 99% de las SS q muestran blokeos, son blokeos intencionales. No seamos mentirosos muchachos ^_^
  5. King!!

    Box En El Shop

    Che igual es medio tonto q posteen "paks+1" y demas cosas, ya q es peor abusar del bloqueo de entrada q usar esos packs (por los packs simplemente tiene q ponerlos bien y ya esta). :sleep: Its stupid to post "pack+1" and all that stuff, since its worse to abuse the shop entrance block rather than using those packs (only thing he needs to do is change packs).
  6. King!!

    Dt, Invi And Recall Scrolls

    I was thinking, this scrolls are actually very useful, yet, they are mostly unused because they have only one charge, meaning that u need a lot of them to use them multiple times. Could it be possible to make them permanent, but with like 5 or 10 minute cooldown, just like activation weapons have (ie sword, x rapier, etc). This way they can be used multiple times, but without abusing them. This may add a lil more strategies into pvp: - For example ur facing someone who does the invi trick (starts invising so u have to waste mana on dt), si bam, u throw one instant no cast dt (and of course he might use an instant invi to counter that). I know the invi scroll would somehow affect the invi pot economy, but invi pot can still be used while taking damage, while invi scrolls needs 10 segs of no damage.
  7. King!!

    Ease The Leveling Curve On Mages?

    Leveling ANY type of character is easy :P :P
  8. King!!

    Level Extension On The Barracks

    Not a bad idea, but there is actually no need for it. It will only help to save a few minutes of ur life, since its still pretty easy going from 1 to 100.
  9. King!!

    Secure Reputation Exchange System

    I agree. You're completely right about that in my opinion. But I do believe there can still be a "Secure Reputation Exchange System" without having to utilize what I suggested and thereby take a different approach that could potentially avoid the obvious cons you pointed out. This all boils down to whether or not people want the secure system and then the method used to make this system happen. There is no need for a "trade" system, because there is nothing to be traded. If u want to evaluate someone, u may do so, without any insurance of that player evaluating you too. U are putting a price on an act. Its like if a guild would start charging gold or stones, for attacking an enemy base during sade. Its an action, not an item, it doesn't need a "secure" system. Rep = act done by player to help community, and not recieve any benefit from it. Item = good of certain value that benefits the player in some way. Rep trading is something created by players. Shouldn't be supported.
  10. King!!

    Secure Reputation Exchange System

    Reputation is not some sort of currency to be traded. Its an evaluation of another player for being a "good citizen" (ex: helping on sades, teaching how to play to noob people, etc.). Based on that u rate other players. Now, rep trading is almost the same as ek laming, since its abusing the ability of a char for a personal gain. Two players arrange for them to trade reputation, so both of them can increase it. Its not supposed to work that way. It also kills the point of giving "rep -" to someone. Bad idea. Against it.
  11. King!!

    Changes In Game - Future.

    Both are very nice ideas :blush: . I loved them both.
  12. King!!

    Client Spanish

    Si "blizzard" no se convierte en "ventisca de hielo" no tiene chiste ^_^, o cosas como esta: - EspadaDelCaballeroOscuro+15 :P :P :P - BaculoDelMagoOscuro+15 - TraedoraDeTormentas - Martillo del Barbaro - Anillo del ArchiMago - Merodeador (stalker) y muchos mas......seria gracioso :P :P :P
  13. King!!

    2-5 Second Recall Time

    So, when u are like lvl 83 and some mean big lvl players comes into ur city, and tries to 1 hit kill u....what will u do, ask for mercy?
  14. King!!

    Fix That Silentwood!

    I've trainer in SW with my elvs during raid days and the spawn is quite normal. Ettins are supposed to be more rare than clops and stuff. So do ogres, ww and mgs.
  15. King!!

    Very Very Tragic, Sad News

    Mis condolencias calu, esto posta q es una muy mala noticia :( :( Espero q estes bien, si keres charlar o algo, ya sabes toy en msn, y si necesitas algo solo pedilo.