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  1. What about changing the formula to calculate HP back to originals, and compensate that with higher dmg on spells and weapons? It remains the same, but hunting will be easier. It just needs to many people sometimes to hunt and I think there should be hunting 24/7. This would increase new player happiness caus they can join the hunts easily, and now there arent really many hunts going on (as far as I notice) Just an idea ^^ EDIT: I mean healthpoints not hitpoints!
  2. Nindax

    Donation For Rep Reset: That Exist?

    get -10000 rep and it will reset to 0 ;) EDIT: nevermind, i just read your other topic. :D
  3. Nindax


    +1 and will say names here fk it.. devaster talking trash aways really annoyng guy julieth same talking shit ... btw some times looks like they are all the same guy ... fight like that Julieth been on mute for long time already for me :D
  4. Nindax

    Total Change On Recall System

    Off-topic but I agree with mixtricx. Old players got a nice set already (Though I still have sucky mr/hp/mp set) I think after running the server for a few year it should get easier for new players to get basic items. It is maybe lame for old players that worked hard from nothing to good gear, but after playing here for a long time its more fun playing with a lot of (new) people, then having gear and hardly able to use it? Maybe removing useless drops (rev pot, small hp/mp pots) already increases the rest of drops already?) ON-TOPIC: I dont care what happen with recall, I'm happy if atleast something changes! Recall and choose where you want to recall sounds nice. You can do this fast, but can be interrupted. Recall only possible after X amount of seconds after getting dmg, also good. Recall to the recall zone after you click on map and cast recall on yourself, good to be added.
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    Change Hitpoint/vit Formula Back To Normal

    oh and I mean health points not hitpoints. health points will increase, and also dmg, i think no1 will disagree with that :P
  6. Nindax

    Plz Plz Plz

    Make it expensive to use repair all This way gold can be spend better
  7. Nindax


    What about not adding them back to sades, but making it a diff event? That there is like 1 building at cityhall. and towns have to defend it from waves of mercenaries Make merc stronger, add merc-mages that cast spells :D I dunno, I think there can be done something fun with it.
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    OMG i totally forgot about them! Best idea ever ! lol! But I think they have no use and it keeps people away from fighting in ML. On the other hand, you get points for them so the guildmaster can summon that can be used in ML
  9. Nindax

    The Guild System Update

    Waw awesome!! cant wait :D
  10. Nindax

    Question? About Stats

    I used dk15 with 200 str and my max zerked dash was like 116. can probably do more, it was only a short while. With 160 str my max zerked dash has been like 106 i think So its some diff, im not sure about the formula but i think 10 str = 1 dmg? no idea what kind of dmg (dice/+1/whatever)
  11. Nindax

    Click! Click!

    thank you white,, any idea on liquid part to finish the ingridients? Wine? :D
  12. Nindax

    Abby Dead!

    Anything nice?
  13. Nindax

    Forum Rollback (planned)

    a little rollback? lol like 10 days But no problem for me ^^ Better and stable host is more important Thanks calu!
  14. Nindax

    Party Bonuses

    8 player party is 240% more exp from 1 mob, but offc divided over 8 members so 1 player is 100% (normal) 2 player is 120 3 is 140 4 is 160 5 is 180 6 is 200 7 is 220 Its somewhere on the forum, so you have to look for it, because im not sure if the above numbers are correct. Also a party (2 or more) is increased drop rate. This isnt 30% (thats alot) but a slightly increase on the normal drop rate. I like the raiding mode, I suggested something else before but then without party. The idea explained: the last X persons that hit the person before dieing get some kind of EK-score (so not normal EK) where they can do stuff with (maybe X amount of EK-score = 1 EK) and the one with the last hit gets 1 EK Here is the topic:
  15. Nindax

    Rep Abuse?

    If you get a certain amount of -reps it gets reset to 0 right? Cant remember how many that is. So: mass unicorn slaughtering and/or mass pk'ing ;) You can muliclient and pk urself haha.
  16. Nindax

    Rep Abuse?

    I think you cant rep some1 with the same IP address. So repping ur other char on desktop from laptop wont work, or they have to be on a different internet connection (neighbours or something)
  17. Nindax

    Anyone Out There

    ive seen Alright play but i dont know if its original. If im correct wuta is GM, havent seen the char on for long time. Marclorc got banned right? For the rest I dont know. I have been out for a while aswell
  18. Nindax

    Progressive Demon Event

    If you mean the event in farm, at the farm area, then it means there have to be alteast 3-5 GM's at the event to check the borders for demons getting out of the area.. 1 for summoning 4 for the 4 borders But yes, this is a very cool event :D
  19. Nindax

    Exceeding 200stats

    I think yes, its a formula that calculates it, so the diff between 200 and 210 is as 190 and 200 But I think White can explain it better ;)
  20. Nindax

    Helbreath Revive Cheating?

    Probably using botnets to get votes.
  21. Nindax


    Make spell and scroll both 10 sec before can be used/casted This means scroll is better then recall spell. But scroll takes in 1 place so its ur choice if u want to carry 1 less potion or choose to cast the spell but then it takes 2 sec instead of instant (and with the 10 sec after hit) and only do this in lv 180 or so, because else its even harder as goldie.
  22. Nindax

    Preview Of Fury-of-thor

    I remember seeing 350 people on here at nemesis ^^
  23. Nindax

    Stats Drop Weapons

    How come its worth alot in arg server? I say: remove all gold on int server and do the same that arg has! ;)
  24. Nindax

    Weekly Ek Broken

    duped characters with same names!! :lol:
  25. Nindax

    Preview Of Fury-of-thor

    bit off topic again, but some things that i've seen in the movies, also some other i found on the website: - you hardly see any SB's - guards can be summoned in town by poisening friendly - some people are FH, but have 0 items in bag (only pots, shield, some drops they just got) - how the hell do they get +20 angels, if its the sparkling ones, with that kind of exp rate XD - lvl 200 sux =[ - they use cannon towers in their base - special plate leggings drop ^^ - platemage with XB/cancelation lol :P - mage casting ESW's with a sort of ressu wand looking wand Couldnt find more ^^