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  1. scatterp

    Server Unstable Because This.

    i am waiting for updates from staff so i am properly briefed before i take any action on this but have a number of speculative ideas already presuming this is a large scale ddos attack which is actually quite unlikely this clown like the others before him ... sango goldenboy outpost etc etc will be losing his bots rapidly as our defences automaticlly destroys bots as well as blocking them if needed ill just close this guys server and take his bots from him we will see how it pans out i cant do an instant response like normal on this because i dont have info on whats going on due to being away focused on other things if any one could let me know if the game server is having issues or if its just the website that would be helpful also directing any ingame gm`s to the staff forum :)
  2. scatterp

    Server Unstable Because This.

    looking in to this now hi guys
  3. scatterp

    No Balance Is Needed Coz

    what his not telling you is i set his hp to 999999999 :) be afraid be very afraid welcome back come visit some time
  4. scatterp

    Cash Shop Fund Raiser Event (target 500$s)

    ok still dont see ticket from you please open a ticket regarding this issue
  5. scatterp

    Cash Shop Fund Raiser Event (target 500$s)

    i do not see your ticket we will give you an exception for 7 days to allow paypal to activate cash shop is now closed
  6. scatterp

    (Fixed) Lag Issues

    Parian quite simply your pc is broken we have close to the fastest internet in the world here and in this year we will become the fastest in the world due to british telecoms 21st century network your pc has viruses and or spyware or there is something wrong with your isp call in at your local computer repair shop make a ticket we cant help you if you dont tell us
  7. scatterp

    Giant Plant's Attention Span

    its called fear if some one blizz`s you and you have that much hp you run when you have no amp they have no reason to run make a party and catch them from 2 sides then they die
  8. scatterp


    hero was restored by order of lorraine
  9. scatterp

    Cash Shop Fund Raiser Event (target 500$s)

    also if we happened to sell 12 capes (very unlikely) shops closed ... based on the tickets we have open now its likely a player will buy a prorated upgrade to level 180 based on the price of the character were selling and shop will then close... so if you one of the others who have a ticket in place we suggest makeing payment quickly to avoid disapointment how ever i do prefer keeping orange just for me :)
  10. scatterp

    Cash Shop Fund Raiser Event (target 500$s)

    we will look in to it
  11. scatterp

    Cash Shop Fund Raiser Event (target 500$s)

    added Zerk tablets 25$s
  12. scatterp

    Cash Shop Fund Raiser Event (target 500$s)

    no but i guess we should include that in the things we offer its already there sex change pot 10$s
  13. scatterp

    Cash Shop Fund Raiser Event (target 500$s)

    yes hero set change is 10 US dollars i did not write 10s not sure why you are seeing that
  14. scatterp

    Please Re-open Topic

    hi i do not see you on msn or a response to my email or a time in 24 hours when you will be here...