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  1. gorefest

    Make Guards Stronger

    +1 Dont forget the fact they should have somehow a system to prevent they from been lured away.. else there is no propose at all, just a little harder to lure out but still it will be possible. That would brake the pragmatism of closing a town tp.
  2. gorefest

    Make New Nemesis Awards

  3. gorefest

    Make Guards Stronger

  4. gorefest

    Make Guards Stronger

    Maybe should make guards suicide each minute, and respawn each minute as well. That would avoid luring guards away. Make they a little stronger, they should have much more hp than what they have got right now. Dmg, only a little better. Also, they could spawn in bigger numbers for each TP, like 5 or 6 for each (considering that this "suicide" and "respawn" system can be done propery). PS: when i mean suicide and respawn system, can put a cronometer in each guard (like summons made by players), but with less time of life, like 60 secs.
  5. gorefest

    [Event] Spring Guild Vs Guild Pvp Tournament !

    @moha reply: I dont agree with this, everyone who has a summon pot worth using (uni/demon) has obtained it from lucky tickets and not alchemy. So saying that taming is the answer is unfair because the tamer has to earn the ability. also tamer needs 50 charisma or something like that right? And a pot from a lucky ticket requires no skill% or stat points. Me and other players explained that to white, and he has changed his mind about the summon pots.
  6. gorefest

    Make Guards Stronger

    Im not suggesting anything BIG. Im just getting tired of the unbalance that server faces, and worst than that: there is nothing we can do, neither recall inside town... i've already faced tp box a lot of times. So, i go with a group in ML for a fight and get powned because we dont have numbers to fight, then we decide to recall. Recalling some of us end at CH tp, where many elvs are there, boxing with summons (result: you are dead). If you atempt to run, they xelima you (considering that you already have MIM casted on you, result: dead). And finally if you do recall by any miracle, you end in shop tp where there are still some others elvs trying a summon box as well (smaller one), but anyway those call the others and you cant do any shit. Entrances boxed... the best you can do during this times is AFK at REVIVAL, because there is the only safe place i can set my character... that's SAD. Maybe change towns back to the original map (whose had 2 wh each). They were bigger, possibly allowing stronger guards without interfeer at pvp actions. Also giving the possibility of better ninja scapes. @Genius, maybe your time zone doesnt show you how often that happens.
  7. gorefest

    Ancient Barbarian Hammer +1

    Ancient Barbarian Hammer hp28 +1. LoL, jun, u kinda crazy, dontcha? ABBH hits much more than abh ns. Who posses a ABH know what im talking about. ABBH hits harder than KA, for example. Also, it has increased armor brake %.
  8. gorefest

    Make Guards Stronger

    Make guards stronger, with more hp, regen and dmg. During the time i came back, i realised that is common a town have more population than nother, and use summons as a way to force a battle, which occurs aways in disavantage, i.e., 12 elvines (ares) go to ch tp, lure guards away and make massive summons. That way any ares (elv) that comes to recall will be forced to join the fight OR will die like free and give zem away. That is bad tatics in my opinnion, that should be changed.
  9. gorefest

    [Event] Spring Guild Vs Guild Pvp Tournament !

    White, the date for the progress of the event will still be scheduled, or its gonna happen today? At nemesis website calendar apears that today (day 31) is the day scheduled for the event. How its gonna happen exactly? Only during saturdays, at chosen "Online Time" field, during the entire spring?
  10. gorefest

    Cant Log Into Aresden Again 21/3/12

    White, as I know that's a bug that somebody is trigging and getting the map offline. Maybe its somebody doing it on propose? I dont know, but i have saw already some bugger crashers working in other server, and it looks pretty much the same. I cant add much, maybe because these servers were coded in txt (not in sql like nemesis) which enable a more variety of bugs/hacks, etc..
  11. gorefest

    New Spells.

    Would be nice some kinda of spell that curses enemy decreasing his magic and melee defenses (like decreasing both, mr and dr by 50 each), as a buff (such as ds, pfa, pfm, gds or amp). It should be something from mid circles (but not allowing 59 int warrios to use it) for relativelly small mana cost, for mages/bmage use it proposetly on the enemy insteed as it is now a days (when we want to kill somebody, use pfa/ds on him for negating amp use). Maybe circle 7, idk. But, as side effect, the target buffered with this magic cant be paralised or holded untill it expire.
  12. gorefest

    New Spells.

    i can imagine massive elv mages at safe healing friends using this "area effect healling" =X poor spell in my opinnion if it follows the same procedure for GH and healing spells mana shield can be a possibility for the pvp balance between mages and wars if it goes for a correct way of coding.... I mean, the problem is: how you will be able to propery use its effect for self defence propose? That would demand a new malock space in characters actributs, like "poisoned", etc.. new skins for showing that he is under this effect, also should have something like "ativation" presetted time for using it, once its very powerful (maybe effect for 1 min and delay for 4 mins). Also, i dont really beleive its a nice option as it is stated right now (been possible to use it as attack spell), can be dangerous shit. Like: using it on the enemy's warrior for leeking mana, insteed of using "spell burn" magic, you know? Way too powerful like that. It should be stated like "you can only cast this spell in friendly units", not so difficult to code that as well tho (resurrection is stated like that). It could be a mid-rare spell or a mid-rare wand with that hability, not avaliable at magic shop. 110 int its kinda way too low for it as required. Bmages 112 int are already very powerful if well done on stats. Using this they can be litteraly imortals. Maybe 160+ int requeired would be nice (like 169 for meteors), or maybe the same int as the first spell of the class "powerful spells", like FOT (182 int).
  13. gorefest

    Tired Of Those Spies ...

    I never used any kind of spy or spionage tatics, even tho I was elvine before playing aresden (where im currently playing now) and have chars assigned in the two biggest elvine guilds. Also, i dont care if people that use spys are posting here as well, as soon they give some contribution on the process. You guys shouldnt care about it as well (at least not here at this topic). Seens its just common sense that it should be fixed in next updates. Just suggesting some options for the good of the server is healthier then personal attacks and flamming at this threat. Keep it clean please.