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  1. JJang2

    Trade Mr 91%(W) Berk

    bump. not JJ's item ask Rabbit
  2. JJang2

    Trade Mr 91%(W) Berk

    lookign for mp(w), or offer. ty! in game.. wisfer to "Rabbit" not JJ.
  3. and trade mr91(w) berk for (w) mp <---------- ask Rabbit
  4. JJang2

    Kloness Stone.

    Kloness stone. ty!
  5. JJang2

    Fix Town Imbalance

    wait some time. we will be strong soon and mass ares = we mass down or we can get mass eks. and play guerilla type.
  6. JJang2

    Infamous Vs Desortoes

    how to make party list? to small>?
  7. JJang2

    Nemesis 3 Beta And Release Rewards

    Again mass ENGLISH!!!
  8. JJang2

    1 Noob Suggestion!

    now map drop exp potion? then...increase rate =P.. how about exp potion just drop at ML? and rate is 2 X zems? ..... busy busy...cya!!!
  9. JJang2

    [fixed] Server Down

  10. JJang2

    [fixed] Server Down

    cant log in
  11. JJang2

    Happy Bday White[gm] Aka Jorisnoob.

    생일축하해 화이트지엠!
  12. auto update is active... so roof hack dun use... so we can use Upgrade town map for ares ppls? then Ares town can d1 raid play and BS, SHOP, WH is close...like ELVS!!
  13. hm....how about ettin 50quest ml and make pit mlm regen 1-2ettin ml fight is good!!
  14. JJang2

    1 Cool Event Reward Suggestion