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  1. daniel

    Selling Some Stuff

    close post plz
  2. daniel

    Selling Some Stuff

    Selling rodragon, shield ma21, dm 4 pm whit offer Acept WU
  3. daniel

    I Cant Create A Account

    the mail is never recivied.
  4. daniel

    Player's Opinion: Nemesis 3 And Buffs

    i think the bufs icon gave bad hb experience we lost a lot of fun fights when u need time ur self and ur team thats icon and bufs need go out
  5. daniel

    Roll Back

    we wont resettttttttttt
  6. daniel

    [Event] Spring Guild Vs Guild Pvp Tournament !

    wowwww the first fight its the best!! hahaha
  7. daniel

    [Event] Spring Guild Vs Guild Pvp Tournament !

    white i think may be the first place may be cool 1 dye pot for each ppl from the guild. and they need use last the event
  8. daniel

    Donation Idea

    dont like these idea
  9. daniel

    Sale La 2 ?

    Virgo dario esta usando la cuenta de rodri??? :rolleyes: Quiero volver a tener un server digno y respetable donde pueda jugar no spameen mas .... VIRGO +1 dario+1 +1 jajaaj vamo q sumaaaaaaaaa
  10. daniel

    I Quit

    eeee porq!! q ondaaa
  11. daniel

    Best Trade U Ever Do.

    jeje i scamed 1 time whiteangel- on trade: mr 42 berk w for anc gs hp63+ crit gs crit11 rep7 i dont see the scam whiteangel bigger scam!!!+1
  12. daniel

    Criminal Penalty

    +1 jajajajaj y a este que bicho le pico donde andas saitam q tenes tantos enemigos LAMMER jajaja
  13. daniel

    Criminal Penalty

  14. daniel

    Remove Dk Set

    dude these s crazy the mages got mass magics mass dmg. mage got more advantage then war. hf, cancel, pa, fury of thor now. war only got dmg
  15. daniel

    Old Map Request