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  1. toneeh

    Balance Warr Dmg Vs Mage Dmg

    Can a mage strip a warrior as fast as a warrior strips a mage? No. Can a mage pump out damage if he is constantly hit? No Can a mage avoid physical damage without wasting points on dex? Probably no. Warriors have 100% mr.
  2. toneeh

    Server Changing Host Soon.

    god dam low ping bastards! 300 > 240 though. not bad.
  3. toneeh

    Just In - Poseidon Pulls

    Looking for PVP.... *looks at Ray-Ban* No hard feelings.
  4. toneeh

    Just In - Poseidon Pulls

    Maybe also remove 10 eks or something for people that pulls
  5. toneeh

    Polish Guild Sas4 Abusing D1 Bug

    Nice strat :) I need to add it to my list of HB strategies ^_^
  6. toneeh

    Good Player :)

    Markeloof did the same to me and asked me for pvp :) Never showed.. i wanted a free ek.. damnit :( But maybe i might get banned for laming..
  7. toneeh

    Problem With Event All Vs All

    Yeah - these events NEVER favour mages especially because its so early in the game and no place to move.. I think they should do MASS ILLUSION to everyone so you dont know who is who.. ganging up is too easy in the end.. might as well play guild vs guild ;)
  8. toneeh

    Om1Sh's Trade List!11!

    trade dm1 and 10 gold 10 silver nuggets for the cape.
  9. toneeh

    I Need: Ms10 And Mp (M)

    1 ms10 for mr42 hose M
  10. probably character problem. crap name. crap face.
  11. toneeh

    Infamous Guild:

    I read it in an american accent. YA'LL
  12. toneeh

    Trade Mp W

    Do you need mp7 hose, ms10 hp 49 wand? zems, xstones, ms10, mstones?
  13. toneeh

    Fix Town Imbalance

    I played the Heldenian and it wasn't too bad.. I woke up @ 5:30 am on a Monday morning.. FML :( I don't get it man.. for some reason I like playing on the underdog team where we have fewer people.. doesn't this mean more EKS? There's always people to kill in ML and Crayfish... Maybe you can discuss your hunting strategies with me and I'll point you in the right place to hunt or prevent yourself from getting jumped ;) toneeh's book of wisdom - Limited Edition.
  14. toneeh

    Fix Town Imbalance

    Can't see why you can't just hit & run. If you have 30+ active.. surely you can go raid D2 / Clean up Aresdens raiding Elvine? That's what we do.... and we enjoy it ;) Though it is kinda 'lame' as some people might call it. Having said this, we do fight even numbered as well.
  15. toneeh

    Any Plans To Update This Client?

    I kinda disagree with you.. again it's a timezone issue. Chasers have been able to hunt and we can hunt freely and at our own will. We'll get the odd resistance from Aresden, but its good to have fights for pits / monsters. We've been hunting dragonia, d4, toh3, infernia without issues. May I ask how many people you take to hunts? Do you fill the 16/16? If so, then I don't see why you are complaining about not being able to hunt. Surely, 16 people can put up a decent fight or raid Aresden and kill a few? Unless of course they have 32? Judging by your posts you probably don't work and play Helbreath all day. Why not just sleep during the day and wake up at night? :) You'll see dominance.