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  1. Exec

    Highest Ever Scoring Eker?

    lolz Gimlin is still on the top ekers
  2. Exec

    Goodbye Nemesis

    we all know that if u happen to get extra cash u buy a shitload of nutella jars and eat all of em at once, NUB
  3. Exec

    Goodbye Nemesis

    pfft u wont ever quit HB, nubs
  4. Exec

    Event For Fragile Excaliber

    getting items for beating MJ? god i should ve more items than the whole korean server
  5. Exec

    Abby Down = Inner Sanctum

    oh i c, it would ve been weird not seeing a post about the hf drop or a qq post if some1 bought it, i was just wondering ;P k esterk is good, let's see if the owners were clever enough to keep a 0+ rep at least on the mages, usually mages have a shitload of negative rep Lol
  6. Exec

    Abby Down = Inner Sanctum

    there are 2 hellfire ingame? Oo
  7. Exec

    Happy St. Patricks Day!

    what's celebrated on st patrick? (for real, i have no clue, basically i know it as an excuse to drink beer)
  8. Exec

    Training Shield.

    at neme arg i got fh war with 54% shield hera at int i got with 75-80% i think davinci/djhones never got to 100% shield via skilling either be patient or deal with it lol
  9. Exec


    disagree, it would only make old players even more powerfull, with the amount of items ingame its barely impossible for a new guy to get fh, and u want to add 300 eks to that? Lol
  10. Exec

    New Mode To Rep+ And Rep-

    i thought that was how kloness worked, right isnt suppose to be +1 damage for every 100 rep above enemie's rep?
  11. Exec

    Raise Droprate

    scavengers arent really good either... winners are always one of the old guilds, a single new guy has no chance to complete the list before a whole guild
  12. Exec

    Raise Droprate

    events dont to shit but giving rares to ppl with rares already imo... i never saw new ppl in events or do shit events for new ppl, like farm summoning etc
  13. Exec

    Raise Droprate

    well... too bad the descendants of both princess and knight are a bunch of jerks who just want to kill each other (lol jk xD) still, i think most ppl plays helbreath for the pvp, i ve always said pvp/pvm should be separated, and make updates for each one without affecting the other one. I agree with GMs maybe helping with hunt, but i disagree with them forbidding pvp or similar stuff. And if ppl says abby hunt is not worth it, well they r quite stupid, i ve done tons of unis/gg/dd and i never got a single rare, not even a zem, and when i did abby i did get shit stuff, or just zems, but i also got a XR with my guild, which was worth all the hunts togheter. And lets be honest, killing abbadon is not hard at all, it takes 3 days max, and even if u just get stones, its worth the effort to get the rares, otherwise go hunt snakes/SG and lets see if u get a medu neck or esw manual, duh
  14. Exec

    Raise Droprate

    still, i disagree with any update that messes with pvp, the whole point of helbreath is a war between 2 towns, not a massive hunt of npc's imo
  15. Exec

    Raise Droprate

    and why would u even think of making it easier? u even said it, if 1 person can ruin a 20+ ppl hunt, deffinetly they did something wrong, besides (imo) its pointless to make abby hunt easy, as it drops most of the pro rares... -1 to those ideas