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Hell Fire Manual


Cancellation Manual


Earth Shock Wave Manual


Ice Storm Manual


Liche Neck


Necklace of Medusa


Necklace of Beholder


Merien Chain Mail+3


Necklace of Efreet


Giant Battle Hammer


Wand MS20 HP84


Targe Shield PA30 MA30


Angel MAG+20




Manu Chain 195% MP 70+3


Cap MP56+3


Hauberk MP63


Hose MP49+3


Cape MP21


Blonde shield MP91+3




Chain Mail HP63+3


Hauberk HP 77


Chain Hose HP 49


Cap HP35+3


Targe Shield HP84




Hat MR42


Chain Hose MR63


Cape MR28


Hauberk MR49


Chain Mail MR28+3


Targe Shield MR91


DR M :


Chain DR49+3


Hose DR56+3


Berk DR42+3


Hat DR28+3


lagi shield DR77+3


PM with offers or /to syd or Sou in game

Edited by Senju

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