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Magical Summon Event

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MaGiCaL summon event


Tues night 6pm server time


Town shop


This is a different kind of event....the only summons that will be made all have magical powers.


SO, if you need to raise your MR%, this is the event for you.


Low level players, this event might be a little tough for you.


Mages- please use safe. Press home button. The shop is right there to buy new pots.


All players- party UP! Full party mode gets better and more drops.


Please be considerate of other players. I dont want to see people flying others off of drops, cursing, carrying on. These events are for fun...not to act childish and rude. magic on HC, TW

I will make a wyvern for the mages at the end of the event, away from the warriors


No EKing or raiding during event. It's only 1 minute but still....needed to be said. Thanks



See you tonight at the event

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magical sumon event


la noche del jueves a las 6pm hora del server


en shop


este es un evento diferente... solo seran sumoneados monstruos con poderes magicos


pues si quieres subir tu skill MR este es tu evento


no recomenado para lvl lows -.-


magos por favor usen safe apretando inicio.. el shop esta ahi mismo para comprar pots


todos en Party! para obtener mas y mejores drop


por favor sean considerados con los demas... no quiero ver ppl robando drops o solo estando ahi para alzar, esto es solo diversion


magos no tiren magias al pedo a los HC y TW

al final del evento hare un WYW para los magos... sin warriors


no habra raid en el evento


los veo en el evento

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