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  1. volvo2

    Go Go Power Rangers!

    yeah good old times at Helbreath Poland !!!
  2. volvo2

    Password Recovery

    password rec dosn work for that email any other sugestions ?
  3. volvo2

    Password Recovery

  4. volvo2

    Password Recovery

    Can't log in coz somebody changed my password, that is why i need to recover it to my mail password recovery donst work "An e-mail with instructions on how to change your password was sent to xxxxxx." there is no email sent on my email account :/
  5. volvo2

    Password Recovery

    how to recover password?
  6. volvo2

    New Updates

    yeah pa repaired that rocks ! If u could repair weapon upgrades it would be awesome, jaapy knows the original % of upgrades
  7. volvo2

    Changes In Game - Future.

    maybe u should fix pa so that it wouldnt stuck up!!!!, and make weapon upgrading (xelima) as in original servers?
  8. volvo2

    Most Wanted!

    Kill Maconhado, its hard coz he always is able to recall, log, pull or safe run
  9. volvo2

    Warrior Advice

    ;) trust me theres a way. if ut tellin me about x srods and so on than dont :D i fnot i can pvp u to prove my point :D
  10. volvo2

    Warrior Advice

    130 str is hmmmm maybe good vs no itemz mages, tell me how u want to kill mage with PA or HP set using sword ? :) besides dk crits suc. And the funnies thing at the end :P) m. wand =30 pa wood slild 30 % pa... if 3 wars cant kill pared mage which uses m wand and pa 30 shild with 54 crits... and than mages runz away at writes "haha 400 hp left" :D mostt pitfull things on nemesis pa stuck up no cast interaption when dmg higher than 40+ while pared :)
  11. volvo2

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    tos ty suchar jest :D
  12. volvo2

    Event For Players By Players

    Axis to ty żyjesz ? :)
  13. volvo2

    Happy Birthday Magicjoker

    happy bday :) i sing u polish bday`s song :D Sto lat! Sto lat! niech żyje żyje nam ! :D
  14. volvo2

    Helbreath Economy

    i agre with u 102% :P nice idea :) i like Lucky ticket idea and pots price :) thats soud good but it will be little unfair to low lvls players so i sugest (if posible) that duble price for loseing will oblige only 140+ lvl :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: this FTW :D i give u my acc if u make manu baxe +6 :) (its not shit talk ) Scofield
  15. volvo2

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    MakeMeBad sometimes Scofield here :)