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    There was no-one behind him and i'm playing on broadband..... he's hacking
  2. Tyndarus


    Check the third one!!!, fps can't be the only reason!!! first he's 3 steps away from me, and 2 seconds later he's next to me AND casting spell!!!!
  3. Tyndarus


    check these following images closely, must be a hack 1: followed by 2: 3: important one 4: And finally 5: (check where KoR is, then check where the word 'Paralyze' is. THAT SHOULD DO IT... be honest, KoR must be using speed hack: bit slower pc CANT be the only reason!!! Don't check him on hacks 1 time, check him on hacks every day!! Hope u can open images, thank hunter for guide :D Thanks to imageshack
  4. Tyndarus

    Meats And Baguettes

    Now meats and baguettes both get the hp recovery up, wouldn't it be possible to let baguettes getting mp recov up (the same way as meat gets hp recov up)... => this would be much better for beginning mages, because they don't have alot of mp yet and the pots cost alot... ( surely at low lvl)... Think about it
  5. Tyndarus

    Quite Nessesary

    Is it possible to make that a character, playing in low detail, can see footsteps when enemy of other town is running invisible. My pc runs quite slow, that why i play the best on low detail... but its hard to see enemy (inv) coming whilst playing on low detail. Plz if it's possible, change it. Thank you
  6. k, i can live with old style :D
  7. small suggestion, might be a good one - hand attack: get hand attack speed up ALOT, this way the skill get much more interesting like when ur fighting... The damage you do is small, but with the speed, the monster hits back less =>hunting high lvl monsters (now its with arrow attack on a row)=> then it could be with hand attack =>pvp get more interesting in duels: small damage but opposent hits back less than normal (bcause of the speed) -short swords ppl should be able do dual wield all short swords when having 100% short sword skill, so they wear the second sword (like left handed gradius) instead of shield. It makes the skill more interesting (or make just the main gauche( = French for left hand) left handed so u can wear like a dagger on the right and the main gauche on the left) => the main gauche acts like a shield that does damage instead of giving defense -arrow attack (might be hard to realise) add throwing daggers to the arrow attack skill :D for when u reach 100% arrow attack => new item = stockable throwing daggers. that was all till now, got other ideas, but gonna let u think of these first
  8. Tyndarus

    Thank You

    Finally a decent server with max lvl 140... GM's, KEEP IT THAT WAY!!! DON'T put max lvl up to 180 plz, 140 or 150 is great, that way you have to team up to get EK's